This is what happens to your money after you donate to a charity

Aug 2 2018, 4:13 pm

When you donate to charity, you often wonder what exactly your money is going to do.

Is it going to help raise awareness of a particular illness? Is it going to improve the lives of others? In our age of fake news and weirdly convincing telephone scammers (Pro tip: All of those calls from the CRA are fake), how can you trust that your hard earned money goes to the right place?

It’s not just you, either: Trust in charities is at an all-time low, and a lot of that distrust could be coming from a lack of understanding. The good news is, once you understand the process, it’s easier to get on board for all the good work.

So in honour of A&W’s upcoming national charity event, we’re gonna walk you through how your money goes from a burger to helping someone in need.

The charity

When you buy a Teen Burger at any A&W location across Canada on Thursday, August 16, $2 will be donated to the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society of Canada, and it will go towards research to help find a cure for the complex and unpredictable disease.

If you didn’t know, approximately one in 385 Canadians is living with MS, and Canada has one of the highest rates of it in the world. On average, 11 Canadians are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis every day.

So how does that money get from a burger to its final – helpful – destination? Well, in this case, it’s pretty straightforward.

Where does all the money go

During A&W’s Burgers to Beat MS campaign, every $2 donated to the MS Society will add up.

Your donation will help fund research to find a cure, fund research to develop treatments to improve quality of life, provide wheelchairs and other special equipment, fund MS support groups across the country, and advocate for better support for caregivers.

Burgers to Beat MS has generated over $11 million dollars for the MS Society of Canada since it began nine years ago. This year, the campaign kicked off on July 9 and finishes up in a big way on August 16, when $2 from every Teen Burger will go towards the fight to make MS a distant memory.

And if you decide to make your own (tasty) contribution to the cause, know you’re not just helping make someone else’s life better; you’re also doing it while equipped with enough information to empower yourself and those around you to choose a charity you can trust going forward.

Now let’s go eat.

Burgers to Beat MS at A&W

When: Thursday, August 16

Where: A&W locations across Canada

Price: When you purchase a Teen Burger, $2 goes towards the MS Society of Canada