The average cost of rent in Canadian cities for September (MAP)

Sep 18 2018, 1:35 am

Summer is coming to an end but rental prices across Canada are continuing their hot streak.

This month, according to Padmapper, 13 cities saw an upward trend in the average cost of rent this month, while 10 decreased, and one remained flat.

Toronto once again took the top spot for the most expensive rent in the country.

cost of rent

Padmapper September 2018

In September the cost of one-bedroom suites in Toronto increased 2.8% to $2,200, while two bedrooms stayed stable at $2,820. Padmapper reports that two-bedroom rent in Toronto is up 15.6% since the same time last year.

Vancouver remained the second most expensive city with one-bedroom rent rising 2.5% to $2,050, while two-bedrooms saw a slight increase to $3,230.

Burnaby, BC, remained in third place as one-bedrooms shot up 5.1% to $1,650. Two-bedrooms saw a decrease of 0.4% to $3,230.

Montreal jumped up one spot and overtook Barrie, Ontario, for fourth place. One-bedroom rates increased 1.5% to $1,340, while two bedrooms decreased 2.9% to $1,650.

Barrie, Ontario, came in fifth as the price of one-bedrooms fell 3.7% to $1,300 and two-bedroom prices rose 2.6% to $1,550.

The largest monthly growth rate in the nation took place in Hamilton, Ontario. The city jumped three spots and broke into this month’s top 10 most expensive cities. One-bedroom rents grew to 4.5% to 1,150, and two-bedrooms increased 1.5% to $1,370.

Quebec City saw the largest monthly rental dip in the country. One-bedroom rates dropped 5.5% to $860 and two-bedrooms saw a slight increase of 0.9% to $1,080.

But the battle for the cheapest rent went to Windsor, Ontario, where you can you can rent a one-bedroom suite for just $750

Now that’s a steal.

Padmapper September 2018


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