Artist Spotlight: Jill Barber's Favourite East Vancouver Haunts

Dec 19 2017, 10:57 am

When I talked to Jill on the phone, she was sitting with her 10-month-old baby asleep on her lap, marathoning a few media interviews while enjoying her East Van mountain view.

Jill’s found coveted Canadian and international success throughout her career, and is now starting a family. I talked to her about the balancing act:

“My record doesn’t wake me in the night… Wait, sometimes it does.” Pro tip: when you’re expecting, schedule your sixth album to come out soon after the baby arrives. While the “Big Baby Deadline” certainly helped things progress on the album, Jill isn’t sure whether she’d do it again.

Deadlines also made it easy for Jill to work quickly and decisively, something writers of all types can appreciate. It helps that her baby is a good “touring baby” and comes with her wherever Jill goes.


On Jill’s new album, Fool’s Gold:

As with many young artists, there were the inevitable comparisons to this and that singer at the start of her career. With Fool’s Gold, Jill feels like she can finally play with her broad range of influences while still having a distinct sound.

Where do you think the record fits into people’s lives?

Jill has just one simple hope for her music: ordinary moments. She hopes that her music will go well with good food and wine, interweaving into the “soundtrack of our lives.”


If you could relate your album to a specific food or drink, what would it be?

“A good bottle of wine. A ‘special occasion’ wine.”

Thoughts on living in Vancouver:

Jill originally grew up in Toronto, spending some time in Halifax while moving to the other coast. She’s now celebrating her 6 year anniversary and, with a permanent address and a new baby, her upcoming show at The Vogue  finally feels like a true homecoming.


Favorite Haunts:

Since Jill is based in Hastings-Sunrise, some her favourite dining experiences are within walking distance. Campagnolo Roma is as good as Italy, she claims, and Roundel Cafe is a great neighbourhood diner. She also recommends Taman for fantastic Palestinian, and Tacofino for jovial good food and vibes. When it comes to shopping, she swears by Gatley on Commercial Drive.


Jill Barber plays at the Vogue Theatre on June 24 as part of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Advance tickets here.

Jill Barber’s 6th album, Fool’s Gold, drops today (June 17) – check out her website or iTunes for more information.