The Art Studios Winter Art Sale at Heritage Hall

Dec 19 2017, 8:48 pm

Struggling with mental illness and addiction can be a painfully isolating and often stigmatizing experience for many people. Having the ability to express oneself through art can be pivotal in developing a sense of self-esteem outside of the illness. It can allow people to discover a creative coping mechanism that also encourages personal growth and a positive sense of self worth.

Flying somewhat below the radar in Vancouver is an organization that facilitates these benefits. The Art Studios is a Vancouver based community organization that provides art classes, workshops, psycho-educational groups, and studio time for people struggling with mental health and addictions issues. It is an incredible space, both in regards to the dedicated and patient staff that work tirelessly to help make the studio run and to the talented artists that come to utilize the space. Most significant is the honesty, comfort, and candidness that the members so freely share in regards to having mental health and addictions issues. Many clients are quick to attribute massive changes and benefits in their lives to the program and the community that it has created.

An obvious benefit of creativity is a tangible output, and what better way to raise awareness of The Art Studios than to host a fundraiser showcasing and selling the amazing art that the members have created.


The art sale takes place on November 20 at Heritage Hall from noon to 8 p.m.

Proceeds from the artwork sold will go to the artists themselves and to the members’ fund, in addition to the money raised from donations, the silent auction and raffle. Don’t miss the opportunity to see an amazing and varied array of artworks set to the backdrop of live music, including the wonderful choir, The Highs and Lows. Come and show encouragement and support to talented people healing themselves through art, while trying to help others do the same.

Art Sale

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