Art Rapture Vancouver 2017 to feature works of Japanese artist Taka Sudo

Sep 11 2017, 4:45 pm

Art Rapture is only two weeks away with a great lineup of local and international artists, including the introducing of Vancouver’s very own Taka Sudo.

This is the second edition of the art show this year that is themed on Prohibition. See what the artists are preparing to show and don’t miss the show: get your tickets here.

Here’s our interview with Tako Sudo:

Taka, when and why did you come to Vancouver?
First time, I came to Whistler in 2002 as a ski bum.

When did you start creating art?
I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a little kid though, I studied film-making in Japan. While I was making script and storyboard for the film, I thought I might be able to make whole 2 hours story of the film on one canvas, then I’ve been into creating art more and more.

(Tako Sudo)

How do you think your Japanese heritage influences your work?
Japanese workaholic background helps me to keep painting for 15 hours no problem.

How would you describe your style?
Urban Organic Hybrids.

Why do you choose animals as a central character of your pieces?
Animals’ face expression are very attractive as they are very emotional sometimes but also very subtle sometimes.

Do you have a certain narrative across all your pieces (if so, what is it) or do you create whatever you’re inspired by at the moment?
I’m trying to make my piece neutral, no certain narrative though, finding neutral spot by mixing up conflicting elements is the theme across all my pieces. Bright neon colours vs. b/w & neutral colours. Urban element vs. organic element. etc. I like to compose organic shapes (animals etc) with city/urban elements (newsprint/ letters, neon colors etc).

Your current work incorporates bright neon primary colors with mixed media. How has this style evolved since you started?
Trial and error. Addition and subtraction. As I’m a free skier, I like something unique with its own style, I always like to try something new.

What can attendees at Art Rapture expect to see from you?
I’m working on a new series for the show which I’m focusing to mashup a maximalistic approach and minimalistic approach, positive spaces and negative spaces, energetic vibes and chill vibes. I’m really stoked and honoured to be a part of this cool show. See you at the show!

PROHIBITION: nothing but trouble 2017 

When: September 22 and 23, 2017
Where: 130 West 4th Avenue
Price: $12 – $35 – Tickets available via Picatic

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