Art Rapture Presents: Nikki Peck's liberating sensual drawings

Sep 11 2017, 4:14 pm

Art Rapture is only two weeks away with a great lineup of local and international artists for Vancouverites to enjoy.

In the build up to this year’s event, we are introducing some of the artists who are taking part. This year we’re focussing on Vancouver’s own Nikki Pecasso.

Nikki, tell us about your work, how you got started? 

I started this body of work around three years ago. I graduated from university and was trying to fulfill some creative aspect in my life, as I was searching for a full-time job. This current body of work is pulled largely from experience I have had or seen with other women. My work focuses on a cast of female characters finding their place in sexual exploration and pleasure. I enjoy drawing females that open up and become real, sexually potent, explicit characters. They are playful, sex-positive, provocative, and meticulous.

Some people would call your work scandalous, how would you call it? 

I would call it “Liberating”

Obviously, there’s a big sexual component in your illustrations, what is the appeal on this subject for you?

The appeal is basically coming from experiences with modern day culture and the Western civilization. I incorporate humour to promote feminism and important topics women face, pointing out the faults and double standards that society sets for women. Women should not feel ashamed or guilty for exploring themselves or others sexually. I think it should be celebrated.

Your work looks to depict contemporary society, how do you think this is achieved? 

Well, some of these drawings are based on personal experiences, others on other friends experiences and or imagined experiences. I get tons of submissions and friends send me selfies they want to draw.

Who are the characters in your drawings?

Many of the drawings are depictions of myself… others are friends, commissions, submissions, collages, characters from favourite films, mythical people, vintage Playboy models, etc…

I have to ask, what do your parents/relatives think about your work? 

Haha….. Well, actually they support it! …. My sister is my biggest fan and helps write and promote my work. I don’t hide much from my mom, she follows me on Instagram, so she sees everything. My dad is very artistic as well, so he “gets it” but just thinks I draw “homo erotic lesbian art”.

How have you found that people respond to your work?

I have received lots of positive and supportive feedback. I have also received hate messages and slut shaming responses. My accounts have been deleted numerous times by Instagram.

What can attendees to Art Rapture expect to see from you during the show?

Lots of drawings of women celebrating their sexuality!


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