Army of Hearts, Love overcomes fear

Dec 19 2017, 7:08 pm

Alex Duncan is a writer, actor and idea-maker.

An Army of Hearts is a story she wrote for a wonderful man: her dad, Norm Duncan.  It brightly addresses dark subject matter as it bounces through rhyming phrases to tell a tale of a person who is sick but strong as they realize they have An Army of Hearts marching for them. An Army that will be there in most any circumstance to provide love and support, reminding the reader that light can shine through darkness.

It is a story of courage and possibility that explores the power of the human spirit.  During her dad’s battle with cancer, she discovered just how many people have been affected by this disease and thought a children’s book would be the perfect medium to shed some light and hope on such dark, difficult subject matter.  “I think picture books are unique because they can be enjoyed by an audience of any age and have the ability to broach difficult subject matter, to be the words where there are none,: says Alex.

So she reached out to friends and family after writing the book and was completely overwhelmed by the response.  Enthusiasm and excitement met her wherever she went; people who she didn’t even know reached out to her, sending her photos of them and their painted hearts, asking to be apart of the army. Her inbox was full of hearts and what had started in her mind as a project for her extended family and friends, evolved into an amazing and beautiful global Army of Hope. 

There were finally words to fill the dark corners, buoyant, bright words where before there was just fearful silence. Alex found herself thinking this story is not just for her dad but it can spread a universal message of hope to anyone who is fighting a similar fight.

“I am truly touched by people’s desire to connect with me and through this connection, realize this book does not only have a place in the hearts and hands of people I know and love but also on bookshelves and coffee tables of strangers who need support,” says Alex.

With universal illustrations, the reader can dissolve into a world where Love overcomes fear, watching as characters wave banners of hope and overcome the unthinkable.  In times when there are no answers and we only have our spirits to fight with, this army feels like a force of unity that can bring us all together. And together we can feel stronger.

Through Indiegogo (an online fundraising platform) Alex is working to raise money to hire an illustrator and book designer, self-publish and print this story book to share with the world.

Please help to spread the message and come join the march of An Army of Hearts!

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