This new app could be the cure for work-from-home burnout

Jul 15 2020, 3:50 pm

It’s important to find peace and take time to reflect during what has been a truly bizarre and stressful year.

If you had to switch from working in an office to telecommuting, it’s likely taken a toll on your mental health and productivity, but this neuroscience-backed meditation app can help, and it’s 75% off today.

FitMind is a meditation app designed with neuroscience to develop mental toughness and self-focus in its users. Unlike competitors, FitMind combines ancient techniques with Western science for a result that’s more like a mental fitness program than a reflective napping practice.

Fortune 500 companies have trusted the app to improve productivity in their teams, and there’s actually some science behind it.

Meditation has been found to provide energy after just a half-hour of practice, improve focus, memory, and planning, increase blood circulation to the brain, relieve stress, and even inspire creativity. These benefits are more necessary than ever with burnout from working at home.

While skipping the long commute, avoiding annoying interactions with coworkers, and not having to wear pants all day sounded exciting in the beginning, many are finding WFH life to be exhausting. Canadian workplace expert Rahaf Harfoush states, “[People] are just not performing the way that they should be, things are a bit foggy, and that’s because they are not giving their bodies or their brain sufficient rest time to recover and to replenish those energy stores and creative stores.”

Juggling a barking dog, homeschooling, significant other-turned-coworker, dining table-turned-workspace, and general anxiety over finances and the pandemic is causing chaos. A haphazard routine is no routine at all, and that has an impact on both productivity and wellness. 

With many reporting feeling “constantly on the verge of a panic attack,” the scientific techniques of the meditation in FitMind’s 30-day program can help. A series of guided training explains the psychology behind the practice and ways to integrate it easily into your day.

Improve your stress level and productivity with the highly rated mediation program trusted by addiction centres, government organizations, schools, and elite Fortune 500 teams.

FitMind is currently offering the neuroscience-backed tool at a 75% discount for $49 USD.

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