Anti-trans activist tapped to run against NDP's Singh in byelection

Jan 9 2019, 7:57 am

A Burnaby School Board candidate who campaigned on a platform of opposition to BC’s sexual orientation and gender identity policy (SOGI) now plans to run against federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in an upcoming byelection for the riding of Burnaby South,  as a candidate with the newly-formed People’s Party of Canada.

And while an official date for the byelection has yet to be called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, both the party and the candidate – Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson – made the announcement via Twitter.

On Facebook, Thompson laid out the reasoning behind her decision to run.

“About a year ago, I became extremely aware that Canada was changing very fast,” she wrote. “I saw laws being made that did not represent the grassroots conservative folks in Canada. It was alarming to see the speed at which our Country was changing.”

She recalled travelling to Ottawa at the beginning of 2018 for the National Prayer Breakfast and got to see where the politicians speak out at Question Period.

“That day changed my life… I knew it was time to stand with courage.”

Following that day, a series of “fascinating coincidences” eventually lead Thompson to a meeting with PPC leader Maxime Bernier.

“He bravely declared the death of political correctness,” she explained. “He opened the door for conversations, healthy debate and holding fast to what is really Canadian – freedom. He is willing to take the heat to do politics a different way.”

Thompson said she plans to fight along with Bernier and “the whole team” of the PPC.

“We’re going to fight for a better Canada. For freedom, integrity, prosperity and personal responsibility.”

She added that she intends to “put 1,000% effort into overturning this NDP riding and my ultimate goal is to see integrity restored to Parliament.”

The anti-SOGI activist is also a former talk show host, an outspoken opponent of abortion and a contributor to Christian lifestyle magazine, The Light.

In an article for The Light written in July of last year, Thompson referred to SOGI as “the greatest and most insidious assault against our children that this nation has ever seen.”

She said that upon learning about the policy, she “couldn’t believe they would confuse the children of our nation by telling little boys they could be a girl and telling little girls they could be a boy. I had to fight for them.”

In her bid for a seat on the Burnaby School Board during last fall’s municipal election, Thompson said she gets called a  hater, homophobe, and transphobe for speaking out, because of her view that “something is really wrong with this picture. We think that teaching little kids not to love themselves for who they are as God had made them is wrong.”

She claimed in a video that while SOGI purports to be about anti-bullying, they “bully people who disagree with them,” and that this “gender-bending belief has no place in schools and should be kept out.”

In the conclusion of her campaign kick-off announcement this week, Thompson implores those who have followed her journey and share her beliefs to “walk with me to see ‘God keep our land glorious and free.'”

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