Woman goes on anti-Asian racist rant at Canadian grocery store (VIDEO)

Jan 5 2022, 10:05 pm

A man has shared an unfortunate encounter with a woman who went on a racist rant at a grocery store in Montreal.

The tirade, which was caught on video, features a woman claiming the pandemic happened as is still ongoing “because of you Chinese people.”

In the video, a woman — who’s yet to be identified — can be seen removing her mask and approaching the man filming, Ken Mak, at a Montreal IGA.

In a post shared across Facebook, Mak says the pandemic “has caused chaos in all our lives and it is not acceptable to assault a specific minority for it.”

Mak says Quebecers have gone through lockdowns, curfews, and hardships “just like everyone else,” and that “all crises end but until then we need to support each other, not blame innocent people.”

Mak also says he shared the video hoping it will help society become aware of these incidents and stop Asian hate. “This video shall not be swept under the rug.”

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