Anthony Bourdain isn't fed up with Canada, just Canadian media

May 22 2018, 7:03 pm

“Anthony Bourdain is fed up with Canada,” according to the Globe and Mail… only he isn’t.

Bourdain took to Twitter over the weekend to call out the national newspaper for the clickbait headline misattributing ire for the whole country to the celebrity chef.

Ironically, the article in question, written by TV critic John Doyle, quotes Bourdain as being fed up with Canadian media, not Canada.

“He’s discouraged by his experience dealing with Canada and its media,” writes Doyle in the paywalled article as he catalogues the backlash to a recent episode of Parts Unknown. The CNN program was first promoted by @PartsUknownCNN in a Tweet using the pejorative term Newfie.

The episode, after it aired, then again spurred controversy for the presence of Montreal chefs Dave McMillan and Fred Morin which Bourdain has since defended for “their relentless advocacy for #Newfoundland” and credited them with convincing him to make the show.

Despite the online backlash, Bourdain reassures that he remains resolute in [his] love for Canada… though the same can’t be said for our media.

John Doyle’s headline isn’t helping the cause.

While the contents of the article aren’t an attack on the celebrity chef himself, it does contribute to Bourdain’s criticisms of Canadian media, which he slammed just earlier this week for being “click-hungry bullshit with misleading header completely unsupported by text of article.”

Of course, being paywalled, most people won’t read anything more than Doyle’s headline, and perhaps most entertaining is that Doyle doesn’t seem to recognize the irony which has caused Bourdain to spell it out once again.

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