An interview with KAi Sky Walker

KAi Sky Walker recently got funding from MuchFACT to shoot the video for “Fly (We Do)”. I spoke with him a bit over a year ago and he understood the state of the scene and what he needed to do. It looks like he’s been doing all the right things because of all the momentum he has gained. KAi also has an album dropping on November 1st and a lot more he has yet to mention. Check out my interview with him below!

Jan Galvez (VcB): Hey KAi! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your craft.

Kai Sky Walker, I’m an artist from Vancouver, B.C. and for the most part I write, record and perform original music.

You have quite a few great things happening right now. What are you most excited about and why?

Most of the things I’m excited about I can’t really tell you yet haha.. Truthfully I’m just excited to get this music to these kids man. I got an insane amount of material in the vault and we are working constantly so its just a steady, slow grind. Everything #NEO right now basically.

Congratulations on receiving funding from MuchFACT. This must have been a major leap forward in your career. What was going through your mind when you found out?

It’s kind of crazy, the day MuchFACT released the results I was at the studio completely aloof to the fact it was that day. At random, a really good friend of mine from high school Rachel David (Who is one of Canada’s biggest up and coming Celebrity Journalists) sent me a FaceBook message that read something like “Congrats on your MuchFACT I’m proud of ya” and my face went numb for a quick second. After that I grabbed my manager Victor, showed him the message, and said “Figure out if this is true, NOW!” hahahah we was trippin’ but we hit the floor running.
With the funding, you made a music video for “fly (we do)”.

Can you talk about the concept for the video and how it ties in with the song?

The song is centred around believing in yourself, accomplishing goals, proving doubters wrong, and the inspiration to succeed. The title “fly” really speaks to my mind state which is always big picture and as close to all encompassing as possible. Open mind. The (we do) represents the need for teamwork and togetherness. The video itself is a manifestation of memories I never had. Basically, as a teenager I made my own mistakes and also had to overcome many unforeseen adversities, that led to me dropping out of school and quitting sports among other things. After a long road I eventually fully committed to music, so at this point it only made sense to reflect on those missed memories in my first full production. The video is basically me starring in a created flashback of me graduating, experiencing prom, hitting the winning shot at the championship game, getting the girl. All the things I was never able to do.

What was it like working on such a big budget for the music video?

It wasn’t that big hahahaha.. I’m tryna shoot million dollar videos.

When can we expect the music video to hit the tv screens?

Lets call it November to be safe cause we still independent out here, lol. CATO music group though.

You will also be releasing an album on November 1st. Can you talk a bit about this project?

#NEO, my first full-length free release for the people. A 17 track, all original project basically proclaiming my self as the flag bearer for my city.

It is clear that you always have your Vancouver flag waving. Why is this important to you?

I feel, without taking anything away from anyone coming out of the V, that we have never been fully represented on a worldwide level when it comes to urban music period. I could no doubt roll out a list of names of guys and girls who do big things don’t get me wrong. My thing is, we have a fresh new lifestyle up here on the top left and I think it needs to be documented and brought to the world at the top level. Until then we will always have a grassroots urban scene. It stems from a lot of things, some of it might be lack of unity within our community. Some would argue Toronto is its own scene and they don’t really fuck with the rest of Canada. I don’t particularly see it that way, I think if you are dope and you present yourself properly you should be able to thrive/grow, and thats what we’re doing.

How do you stand apart from other Vancouver Urban artists?

You just have to listen, I’m not one to waste time.

I keep on hearing that Vancouver’s Urban scene is still in its infancy or it is not as cohesive as others. What do you think it needs or what are the missing pieces for it to flourish and grab the attention of major Urban hubs?

As I said previously, I feel until someone takes the flag and gets it waving worldwide for the city (or at least continent wide) a la Wiz and Mac in Pittsburgh, or Drake and Abel in Toronto, its going to be hard for Vancouver’s music scene to change so drastically. It will happen over time, but if its up to me Vancouver will be an urban centre much sooner.

What do you think Vancouver needs to do to showcase our urban scene in a global way?

As listeners? Just support what you like in your own city, that’s all it is. The scene is growing. I think the artists here need to start thinking globally, it’s the only way to really grow and gain true respect from the hometown. Kinda like a Stanley Cup ring ya’know?

What are KAi’s next steps?

#NEO and beyond basically, we gonna see how “fly (we do)” moves when it hits the MuchMusic charts as well as radio continent-wide, and keep connecting with these kids and giving them good music that actually has substance, knowledge, and a positive message. Remember to listen to my new single “fly (we do)” and request it on your local radio NOW!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

Below is the behind the scenes of the “Fly (We Do)” video shoot.