10-year-old Montreal girl attacked on way home from school

Mar 15 2022, 6:28 pm

Editor’s note: This story contains a graphic photo and describes a ruthless assault.

An aunt has taken to social media to search for justice for Alicia Ndaya, a 10-year-old girl from Montreal who was viciously attacked by a man when she was walking home from school on Monday.

According to social media posts from Miss Shiiyaa, who says she is the young girl’s aunt, the attack occurred at lunchtime on Monday in Pointe-aux-Trembles.

Using the hashtag #JusticePourAlicia, Shiiyaa is spreading the news across her Instagram and Twitter accounts, looking for resources and legal advice to expedite the process.

“I write to you with trembling hands as myself and my family are living a nightmare,” says Shiiyaa’s French Instagram post. “Our baby of 10 years, who will be 11 soon, Alicia Ndaya was heading home for lunch at 11:30 am [on Monday] and her life and that of her mother (my sister) was changed.”

Shiiyaa says a man was staring at Alicia on her way home, and the 10-year-old smiled, “not knowing what he could do to her.” The aunt says the man walked over, put her to the ground, and started beating her, disfiguring her “beautiful angel face for, I repeat, no good reason!”

In a phone call with the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), media relations officer Raphaël Bergeron says a 21-year-old man is currently in custody.

The SPVM says Alicia is in the hospital with “serious upper-body injuries,” mainly to her head. Police say the young girl’s condition is stable.


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According to Shiiyaa, witnesses nearby tried to intervene, and police officers patrolling the area were able to arrest the suspect after noticing a large crowd gathering.

The SPVM says the motif may be related to the suspect’s mental health and charges could be laid, including aggravated assault and more. An investigation is ongoing.

On Tuesday morning, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante said the “terrible assault” is “absolutely unacceptable” and that “no child should be subject to it.”

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said Tuesday morning she had seen the image of Ndaya in hospital.

Shiiyaa says she wants justice for her niece and for all other victims “of this kind of sickness.”

“If you have contacts, resources, or legal advice to be able to help us in this process, please write to me,” she concluded. “I also ask you please to send positive vibes and prayers for my niece Alicia.”

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