Canadian teacher on a three-day Jeopardy! winning streak (VIDEO)

Jun 22 2018, 1:17 pm

A Canadian secondary school teacher is on a three-day Jeopardy! winning streak.

As of Thursday night, BC’s Ali Hasan has won an impressive total of $67,801 US, aka so much more in Canadian dollars that even host Alex Trebek couldn’t help but joke about it.

“Ali has been leading the one-man invasion of the United States,” Trebek said as he introduced Hasan at the start of the show, when his winnings were at $46,802 US. “It’s worth more in Canada.”

Hasan, who’s from New Westminster, was almost a celebrity from the start.

On his first day of competition, the teacher answered a question correctly about the Pittsburg Steelers, and the team tweeted out his answer to over 3.4 million followers.

And on Thursday night, Hasan was looking confident going into final Jeopardy!

With the category stated as “World Geography,” the clue was “Australia’s fourth-largest city, it’s at the southern end of the road called Indian Ocean Drive.”

Although Hasan’s guess of Darwin was not right, since the answer was Perth, he only wagered $701 and won the game with a total earning of $20,999.

“You’re spending a lot of time in Southern California,” Trebek joked of his win.

Check out Hasan’s latest game below.

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