Album Review: Head in the Ceiling Fan, Fine

Dec 19 2017, 8:17 pm

Head in the Ceiling Fan come of age with the release of a stunning debut. 

Full of stripped-down guitar and moody vocals, the debut EP of post-progressive punks Head in the Ceiling Fan, Fine, plays like a proper soundtrack to autumn, echoing wistful sentiments of summer heat giving way to cool, crisp October days. Composed of Tyler Norris on vocals and guitar, Liam Carlin on bass, and Brennan Rehlau on drums, the Port Coquitlam natives are prodigies of Steve Sainas’ Contemporary Music Program and carry four years of “School of Rock” education under their studded belts. That, paired with basement-honed skills and a natural aptitude, results in the delivery of an impressive, well-crafted effort that exhibits the band’s compelling musicality and prominent talent.

Fine opens with the warbling strums of “Tired” and a faint background pitter-patter of rain against a window pane. Norris’ vocals are full-bodied as he declares his weariness for feeling down —  it’s a melancholic thread that weaves throughout the album amidst rich tones and hazy melodies. The magic continues on the beautifully bleary “Hey (Wait),” that has dreamy riffs broken up with growling chords.

“Head Above Water” picks up the pace nicely, with thrashy screams backed by sharp guitar, hearty basslines, and rhythmic percussion. Perhaps the stand-out track of the bunch, however, is the last: “Mila.” Acoustic with just a few light strums and a handful of blissful harmonies, Norris saunters between softly crooning to powerfully belting without circumstance, showing his versatile range and leaving listeners wanting more, if not with a heartache for his.

Fine is effortlessly executed, with striking arrangements and a musical depth that is beyond the years of the band members themselves. All things considered, it’s hardly conceivable that Head in the Ceiling Fan are just barely out of high school; but they are, and now that they’re out in the real world — from the sounds of it — it is certain that they’re going to do, well, just fine.

Head in The Ceiling Fan’s debut EP, Fine, is available on their bandcamp.

Feature Image: Max Wall

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