Alberta premier defines what a meme is in defence of using Will Smith Oscar photo

Mar 28 2022, 7:39 pm

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has defended his use of the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock Oscars meme after posting it on his Twitter account in relation to energy policies.

On Monday, Kenney tweeted the photo from his account, featuring the word “Reality” over Smith and “Green Energy Policies” over Rock.

When asked by a reporter if the use of the image was appropriate, Kenney pushed back on the question.

“That image and different memes based on it are basically the internet today,” said Kenney, subsequently reading out the entire definition of meme.

“It’s a relevant way of making a point. In this case, the point is that reality is intruding on the failed policies of the green left that have sought to [make] life more expensive for everybody,” he said.

“It is time for realism that focuses, yes, on reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also on generating a safe, secure and stable supply of energy.”

Many people online had something to say about the tweet, which amassed nearly 1,900 comments and more than 1,000 retweets.

“Wtf. Now my premier is minimizing forms of assault for a political meme. Great,” wrote one user.

“lol IS THIS REAL LIFE,” wrote another.

“Someone thought of this, thought it was a good idea, ran it by people who thought it was a good idea, probably including the guy whose name is on it, made it and posted it. (And we pay them all massive salaries by the way). They’ve completely lost the thread,” wrote former mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi.

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