7 online stores with can’t-miss holiday offers

Nov 26 2021, 11:27 pm

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time do some gift shopping, but with the influx of advertisements and offers on repeat, where do you even start?

If the thought of going to a crowded mall puts you off the idea of checking gifts off your list, you’re not alone. That’s where online shopping comes in; however, you still need to have a general game plan to make the most of deal-snagging from the comfort of home (or the office — on your lunch break, obviously).

To help you streamline your holiday shopping — plus, earn AIR MILES Reward Miles as you cross off items on your list — we’ve rounded up seven online retailers with special offers this month, all of which are available via airmilesshops.ca. 


We all know Amazon.ca is pretty much a one-stop-shop for every gift imaginable, whether you’re shopping for furniture, Amazon devices, luggage, or anything in between. As an AIR MILES Collector, when you sign in through airmilesshops.ca, you’ll get one Mile for every $20 you spend on any of the Amazon product categories listed here.


For books, home decor essentials (especially throw pillows), and cute keepsakes, Indigo is a go-to destination. Shopping Indigo products via airmilesshops.ca will get you one Mile for every $20 spent. 


As a global marketplace for uniquely creative goods, Etsy has a special place in our hearts. If you want to find a more personalized gift for a loved one, perhaps something monogrammed, chances are you’ll find it on Etsy. There’s no shortage of beautiful pieces by local artists either, which lets you support their work while earning Miles when you shop via airmilesshops.ca. 


Do you really need a special occasion to wear stunning jewellery? We don’t think so. The team at Toronto-born fine jewellery brand Mejuri doesn’t either, and their collections have something to suit every style and price point. You’ll get one Mile for every $20 you spend on Mejuri products while shopping via airmilesshops.ca.


After the last two years, we could all use a dose of self-care. With over 300 brands in addition to its private label, Sephora has plenty of gift ideas to choose from, whether face masks for you or makeup for a friend (or vice versa — or both). Shopping Sephora products via airmilesshops.ca from November 25 to 29 will get Collectors 20x the Miles. This means you’ll get 100 Miles per $100 spent, which is enough for $10 towards your purchases with AIR MILES Cash. 


Is your remote work setup in need of an upgrade? If so, you can take advantage of the opportunity to earn Miles (one for every $20 spent on select categories) on the purchase of anything from a laptop to a tablet, wearables, or accessories at the online Samsung store via airmilesshops.ca this festive season.


Blue Bird/Pexels

Fitness enthusiasts and those who appreciate quality technical apparel will be glad to know they can get one Mile for every $20 spent on eligible purchases at lululemon through airmilesshops.ca. During Cyber Week from November 30 to December 5, you can also earn 15X the Miles while shopping lululemon or any other participating brands on airmilesshops.ca.

The best part about all these holiday offers from AIR MILES? Collectors can earn Miles while taking advantage of offers from each retailer on airmilesshops.ca.

To start earning Miles when you shop online from hundreds of brands, simply visit airmilesshops.ca, log in with your AIR MILES Collector number, and begin your holiday shopping. Make sure to check out terms and conditions for details. For a little refresher on how you can use Cash Miles before then, click here.

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