After-work drinks are back: This new tool finds restaurants with beer and food specials

Apr 5 2022, 5:15 pm

With restaurants starting to operate at full capacity and the return of after-work drinks, Canadians can now make time for what truly matters again — savouring life and socializing with loved ones.

Before the pandemic, chances are you took for granted something as simple as grabbing a bite and a drink when the workday wrapped. This extension of workplace culture was swapped for virtual cheers over Zoom when many Canadians shifted to remote work over two years ago.

With overtime trickling into personal life as a result of no boundaries between work and home (except maybe a closed laptop?), many Canadians are finding themselves working into the hours of 5 to 9 pm. But that’s all about to change with the launch of the Stella Hour Finder.

Belgian brewer Stella Artois is aiming to remind Canadians to prioritize what’s important over what’s urgent through their latest initiative: ‘Make Time. The Life Artois,’ and the Stella Hour Finder — a new online tool to help Canadians locate Stella Hour Specials in their area.

Disconnecting after 5 pm

Stella Artois after-work drinks-inspired projection on a city building

Stella Hour (Stella Artois)

In 2021, approximately halfway through the global pandemic, findings from Statistics Canada revealed between 35% to 51% of Canadians working from home reported working longer hours than they did prior to the pandemic — despite having the same level of productivity.

While one might assume a WFH gig would lead to shorter workdays, just 3% of all Canadians working from home at the time of the study reported working shorter hours. So what does all of this mean? With restrictions now easing and restaurant capacity limits boosted, it’s time to regain your time.

Stella Artois is proposing drawing a hard line to disconnect from 5 to 9 pm to enjoy time with the people we love. This has led to the launch of the Stella Hour Finder — a national (excluding Alberta, sorry), digital resource. All you have to do is type in your postal code to discover participating restaurants and bars in your area offering Stella Hour Specials between 5 and 9 pm.

Each spot participating in the Stella Artois initiative is offering a Stella Hour Special that gives you a reason to plan a few evenings out at local restaurants with your friends, family, and coworkers. “Data shows that Canadians are working much more than they were in previous years, which is impeding on our ability to create a clear divide between work life and personal life,” said Mike Bascom, senior director of marketing at Stella Artois Canada. 

“This imbalance and inability to disconnect was the inspiration for the campaign because success means less if you don’t get to spend valuable time with loved ones.”

Raising an after-work glass

Stella Artois after-work drinks-inspired projection on a city building

Stella Hour (Stella Artois)

“Through the Stella Hour Finder, our hope is that Canadians stop burning the candle at both ends and begin to take back their after-work hours, to savour life, and make time with the people who matter most, over Stella Hour Specials,” said Bascom.

If you’re ready to enjoy your 5 to 9 pm and savour the smaller moments in life with the ones that matter most to you, check out the Stella Hour Finder to find fun spots near you. We can’t think of a better reason to make time for family and friends and get back to what really matters. The work will still be there tomorrow, after all. 

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