Adoptable pet of the week: meet Shyla the Husky mix

Apr 18 2019, 6:34 am

Meet Shyla.

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Shyla spent the first nine years of her life on the end of a chain, limited from what she could experience of the outside world, leaving her with long lasting fears of the unknown.

According to her adoption posting, it is a wonder Shyla survived those years at all. A Husky mix from the Northwest Territories, she was definitely not built to survive the harsh winters.

Many shelters are filled with loving animals hoping for a home to call their own, most with unfortunate stories just like Shyla’s. Shelters often house animals that are strays, or have been abandoned, mistreated, and rejected by their previous owners.

People who do choose to adopt animals are giving them another chance at life by welcoming them into their lives, and their homes — a chance that many of these animals unfortunately don’t get.

Sweet Shyla is one of these animals, in need of a warm and loving home and a second chance, and you could be the one to take her in.

Shyla is currently living at SAINTS, a Mission farm and animal sanctuary that houses old, sick and unwanted animals.

SAINTS is currently fundraising to pay over $200 thousand in vet bills for the number of different animals they look after in their final days.

If you are thinking of adopting this sweet little lady, here’s what you need to know. Due to how she spent the first years of her life, she has poor social skills with animals, and is scared of children.

Shyla has trust issues, and will need time to adapt, as she has had very few positive things in her life. You could be the one to change that.

To learn more about Shyla and to look into adopting her, click here for more information.

adoptable pet


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