Adopt Me: Vanessa has been in a shelter for 7 dog years

Apr 14 2017, 8:33 pm

For a dog that’s barely three-years-old, Vanessa has been through a lot.

She was plucked from the streets of California and wound up in a high-kill shelter. From there, the Bull Terrier cross bounced from home to home, was sold on Craigslist, ended up in British Columbia, finally landing at Whistler Animal Galore.

But that’s where the bouncing ends: She’s now been at WAG for an entire year. Or seven dog years, if you prefer to think of it that way.

This sweet girl has gone through vigorous training to work on some of the issues staff believe originated with her tumultuous early life, including resource guarding and anxiety. Whoever adopts Nessy will be given support and training to ensure success in her new home.

Everyone who has worked with her doesn’t believe that Nessy is a bad egg. Rather, no one ever took the time to understand her. She’s come a long way through patience and training and is getting better by the day.

This girl is a true athlete: She loves mountain biking, swimming, long walks, running, hitting the hiking trails, and being outdoors in general.

She will swim until she is howling, because she is so tired but still doesn’t want to get out of the lake. 

Potential adopters should not be couch potatoes. Her foster dad James says the affectionate pup is also “over the top smart.”

“It’s amazing how fast she learns new commands, tricks and routines as her training adapts or we take her to agility classes,” he says.

Nessy would live best in a stable home with high energy owners, and no small kids or cats. Someone who has dog experience is a plus.

Click here to learn more about Nessy, and the other great pooches for adoption at WAG.

Here’s a video of just how far this girl has come…

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