Adopt Me: Hello Dolly!

Oct 7 2016, 3:22 am

Dolly is what you would call a special case.

She came into the care of LEASH Animal Welfare Society in February, but wasn’t made available for adoption until April because she needed a small lump removed from her back.

She has now been in foster care for over six months – nearly half of her young life!


There has been a lot of interest in this energetic pit bull, but all 10 of her meets failed. The reasons varied: Too much energy, too small, plays too intensely. There were also a few potential adopters LEASH didn’t feel had what it took to commit to her.

She’s good with other dogs, but LEASH is looking for a home where she’s the only pooch because of her high-energy level: “A dog of similar energy seems to be too intense, a dog of less energy gets sick of her constant need for play,” says Cassi MacDonald of LEASH.


Macdonald says Dolly would be good with older children, but may not be suitable for wee ones because she could knock them down.

The best owners for Dolly are people who are very active – people who love hiking and biking and getting outdoors. It would be great if her new owners continued with her training.

She’s super smart and eager to please.


Photographer Justin Veenema has been volunteering his time to photograph some of LEASH’s harder to adopt pups. 

He just did this beautiful fall photo shoot with Dolly, and calls her a “beautiful little dog.”

Contact LEASH if you’re interested in meeting Dolly or any of their other adoptable dogs.

Please note that the Vancouver-area rescue does have specific requirements about pitbull adoption, including that adopters be over the age of 25. Previous experience with “power breed” dogs is preferred.

If you are a rescue that would like to an adoptable animal featured, drop me a line at [email protected]


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