Abandoned kitten found inside diaper box in Richmond

Jun 2 2017, 6:28 am

After a small poodle was found abandoned and dumped in a locked suitcase on Sunday in Richmond, another small animal was found earlier this week in a similar predicament in the same city.

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This time it was a cat – or rather a seven-week old kitten – “with tiny blue eyes.”

The tiny feline was found abandoned in a Richmond park, inside a Pampers Diaper box.

Both are now being taken care of Richmond Animal Shelter (RAPS).

In a statement, RAPS said there is “no reason” for this type of cruelty to happen.

The agency pleaded with people to properly surrender animals “for any reason” to them.

“RAPS will gladly take the animal, provide it care and re-home the animal,” they added.

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