8 Juice: Aberdeen Centre's go-to spot for fresh juice for 19+ years

Mar 31 2023, 7:00 pm

Fresh-pressed juice shops started popping up around the city several years ago – think local spots like Juice Truck and Glory Juice Co. – but there’s one place in particular that’s been satisfying our juice cravings for much longer.

One of Aberdeen Centre’s food court’s most popular vendors, 8 Juice is a long-time favourite for all things fresh juice, smoothies, and even boba.

Founded in 2004, 8 Juice, located centrally in the food court, has been making its fresh-pressed juices for nearly twenty years.

The options here are nearly endless, with everything from papaya milkshakes to watermelon juice to healthy apple carrot juices.

It can be kind of overwhelming to know where to start here, as the options include fresh juice, milkshake, slush, yogurt, and smoothie preparations. You also have the option of adding on things like grass jelly, aloe vera, mango stars, and tapioca pearls to turn your juice into a boba-style beverage.

One of our favourite options is the #32 – a watermelon and honeydew juice with grass jelly. Barely sweet and with just the right amount of pulp, the drink is super refreshing and goes particularly well with some spicy Szechuan dumplings – our favourite combination.

8 Juice’s prices range from $6 for a size small up to closer to $9 for a large, depending on what you’re getting and if you’re choosing to add anything on, which isn’t to say it’s cheap. Compared to other fresh-pressed juice spots though (and taking into consideration increased food costs), the prices here aren’t unreasonable.

8 Juice isn’t sleek or heavily marketed – the signage is kind of outdated, in a 1990s kind of way – but it’s charming and a bit chaotic and that’s one of the reasons we keep going back: to grab a juice and fuel up before spending hours walking around the mall, just like when we were kids.

You’ll find 8 Juice open every day of the week, usually until 7 pm or 9 pm, depending on the day.

8 Juice

Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

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