7 weird creatures you can find at the Vancouver Aquarium right now

Mar 7 2019, 3:11 am

The ocean is filled with some of the most interesting creatures, and this spring, it’s time to completely embrace the weirdest and most wonderful members of the aquatic animal kingdom.

At the Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative, weird is intriguingly normal. And when you visit this spring, you’ll have the chance to see and learn about over 50,000 marine animals, connecting with our oceans and the wonders within.

Adults and kids alike will enjoy the entertaining and educational programs available at the Aquarium, allowing you to get up close and personal with the animals and the people who care for them.

Let’s not forget the Vancouver Aquarium’s 4D Experience — where you can see short nature documentaries on a state-of-the-art theatre screen, with the addition of sensory effects such as mist, scents, lighting, and wind. You can also dive deeper and book an Animal Encounter, bringing you behind the scenes and allowing you to work alongside the Aquarium’s animal care team.

Here are seven fascinating creatures you can visit at the Vancouver Aquarium, and the interesting features they possess! Now, how many of these facts do you already know?

African Penguin

African Penguin/Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative

Who doesn’t love penguins? It’s a lesser-known fact that African Penguins have two sets of eyelids and one tongue covered in hooks!

Two-toed Sloth

Two-toed Sloth/Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative

Sloths can hold their pee in for 156 hours and are so slow that algae can grow on their fur. If only we could all be that chill.

Sea Otters

Sea Otter/Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative

These adorable creatures use their underarms as pouches to store their sea urchin snacks for later (we need to take some tips from them).

Sea Nettles

Sea Nettle/Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative

Get this — their mouth is also their butt. Wild.

Sea Star

Seastar/Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative

Seastars actually have eyes on the tip of each of their arms!


These fish have a special defensive strategy where slime copiously comes out of 200 slime pores to gag their would-be predators. So, that’s a thing.

Epaulette Shark

Epaulette Sharks have been shown to be able to “walk” over sand or corals by bending their body from side-to-side, and pushing off the substrate with its paddle-shaped pectoral fins.

You can see all of these unique creatures and more at the Vancouver Aquarium. This Easter, you can join in the third annual Easter Scavenger Hunt from April 19 till April 22, where you will embark on a hunt with your friends and family as questions crafted by eggs-perts take you on a journey through the Aquarium, celebrating the weird (and wonderful) creatures (and maybe even win prizes once you finish!)

Easter at Vancouver Aquarium

When: April 19 till 22

Address: 845 Avison Way

Hours: 10 am to 5 pm daily

Price: $38 for adults | $21 for children – Tickets available online

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