7 ‘for reals’ that will finally convince you to get a hot tub

Nov 12 2019, 5:56 pm

The thought of hot tubs can conjure up a lot of different ideas. Chilling out, dranks, romance, being bougie — and also probably that one movie with a time machine in it.

But although Beachcomber hot tubs won’t transport you back to the 1980s, they will do a lot of other really cool things. Firstly, they feel good and look good — we’re talking about super comfortable seats without using pillows, so Beachcomber tubs always look sleek and timeless.

Secondly, their leading-edge technology features two apps that allow you to digitally control your hot tub time, perform easy water tests, and stream your favourite Spotify playlists right from the tub!

Lastly, they have a water-tight guarantee that will always keep you stress-free.

But do we even need to tell you why you should be getting excited about getting a hot tub? Hello, if they don’t make your eyes light up with joy, you’re in the minority.

Just in case you needed another tiny bit of persuasion, here are some cold hard facts to make your decision easier (or help convince your family, your friends, or just yourself).

Vancouver is so dang cold in the winter

Vancouver winter/Shutterstock

We know — for a Canadian city, Vancouver sure does get a rap for not “doing” winter properly. But, with all due respect to the East Coast, it does actually snow here. Who remembers getting 109cm in 2008, or more recently 2017’s crazy amount of snow?

And it’s not just about the snow on the ground. Just this past month, our sub-zero start to the fall was a serious shock to our newly-formed summer tan-lines. What better reason to acquaint yourself with one of Beachcomber’s hot tubs than to escape the chill?

There are hot tub sizes for everyone

Don’t think that hot tubs are just limited to mansions with butlers or houses with massive decks — Beachcomber offers sizes for all different purposes. Even though their tubs can accommodate eight people, they also sell hot tubs with smaller capacity for just one to two people.

You might actually need a hot tub

Hot tub/Shutterstock

Think that hot-tubbing is just for having fun? Think again. There are actually serious therapeutic benefits to having a soak. Research has shown that because hot tubs let you unwind and relax, they can even lead to better night’s rest.

And the therapeutic benefits don’t stop there. A hot tub provides distraction-free, one-on-one quality time that you can spend  truly connecting with your friends, family, or loved ones — leading to increased happiness for all.

Most technological devices don’t exactly get along well with water, so things like cell phones and tablets get put aside — like a much needed digital detox. A break from our devices gives us the time and space to clear the mind and — like meditation — to get back to basics to see the big picture.

Hot water soothes aching muscles

Water jets/Beachcomber

It’s no new discovery that hot water relieves muscles and joint aches. After all, there’s an entire town in England named Bath — where they’ve been turning to the healing properties of hot water since the 17th century.

Additionally, we know how hectic life and its daily demands can get. Soak away your daily stress and relieve those tensed muscles in the healing hydrotherapeutic effects of a hot tub, right from your own home.

Did we mention hot-tubbing helps burn calories?

While relaxing in your Beachcomber hot tub is not a substitute for a cardio session and should not be an excuse to be less active in everyday life, it has been estimated that a hot tub soak burns as many calories as going out for a short walk.

Hot tubs can last (nearly) a lifetime

Considering that the Beachcomber hot tub brand is just over 40 years old, they’ve seen first-hand how many of their hot tubs have lasted over thirty years with proper maintenance and water care. Think about how many times over thirty years you could jump in with a beer after work, have the ultimate romantic night for you and your other half, or host the best party in town (who else do you know who has a hot tub!?).

Hey, it’s cheaper than a vacay

Hot tub/Beachcomber

As soon as you get some spare time to yourself, do you find yourself immediately planning a vacation? Have you thought that this might have something to do with you seeking amenities outside of your house? Although hot tubs are an investment, booking a chalet in Whistler every time you have a chilly long weekend isn’t the long-term financial solution your wallet needs.

With a hot tub at home, you’ll never have to actually leave the house to relax and be glamorous. You won’t have to pack or unpack. Or recover from jet lag. Or get scammed by a taxi driver — do we need to go on about the never-ending list of travel woes?

Hot tub/Beachcomber

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(Disclaimer: FOMO may entail.)

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