7 creative summer camps that can jumpstart your teen's future

Dec 19 2017, 9:23 pm

Summer camp is a quintessential experience that can jumpstart a teen’s future.

But this year, try switching it up a little bit by sending them to one that appeals to their personal taste.

Instead of building a campfire again, teens can build their own Android application or a photography portfolio. They can also try their hand at writing a comic, cartoon series, or even a sci-fi story.

Whether they’re a budding writer looking to flex their creative muscle or a fledgling entrepreneur who’s looking to spread their wings, there’s a summer camp designed to accommodate all kinds of passions.

To help, here’s a list of seven creative summer camps that you can find at Langara College this year.

The Arts- Teen Photography Summer Camp

Photographer / Shutterstock

Photographer / Shutterstock

Date: One week camp, July 18 – 22

Cost: $475

Choose between a slew of camps designed for aspiring teen photographers looking to get a head start in the biz. In this five-day camp students are granted access to Langara’s state-of-the-art equipment and have full reign of the school’s photography studios. Or for those who just want to take better Instagram pics, Langara has a smartphone photography camp.

Comics- Graphic Novel and Manga Camp

Supplies / Shutterstock

Supplies / Shutterstock

Date: One-week camp, August 8 – 12

Cost: $375

Perfect for graphic novel fans, this camp invites teens to tap into their inner Stan Lee with its exciting intro to the art of comic book creation. This five-day camp covers the steps of creating one from start to finish. Teens will walk away with a double paged comic book that includes a group printed anthology.

Computer and Tech – Introduction to Coding and Game Design Camp

Image: Shutterstock

Date: Two-week camp, July 4 – 15

Cost: $700

This is a high-speed journey through computer science, coding, and game design. Teens can expect lots of hands-on learning that teaches the basics of computer programming. They’ll learn how to write, compile, read, and debug code. By the end, participants will have made their own programs and games come to life. 

Geography – GEOcamp: Discovering the World Around You

Image: Shutterstock

Date: One-week camp, July 18 – 22

Cost: $375

Find out how people and places differ around the world. Teens can expect to learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, and glaciers. They’ll also get the goods on basic concepts and processes in human and physical geography through hands-on experiments, fun activities, in-class learning, and field trips.

Journalism- Online Reporting and Photography Camp

Typing / Shutterstock

Typing / Shutterstock

Date: One-week camp, July 11 – 15

Cost: $350

Is your teen considering journalism as a future career? Sign them up for this fun camp that shows teens how to write and take photos for the web under deadline pressure. They’ll learn what qualifies as news and how to report it. Langara also offers Broadcast TV and Radio Journalism camps, perfect for the budding journalist.

Business Bootcamp: From Idea to Dragon’s Den

Presentation / Shutterstock

Presentation / Shutterstock

Date: One-week camp, July 11 – 15

Cost: $325

It’s never too early to think about launching a startup, even as a teen. Sign yours up for bootcamp to learn how to turn their idea into a business. They’ll also learn what investors are looking for. Your teen will create a perfect “elevator” pitch along with an investor presentation. The camp will wrap up with a Dragon’s Den-like session where awards will be given for the best business pitches.

Writing – Performing your ideas in your voice

Notebook / Shutterstock

Notebook / Shutterstock

Date: One-week camp, July 4 – 8

Cost: $375

Teens will be given the creative freedom to design theatre based on their own ideas, experiences, passions, questions, and frustrations. They’ll explore their stories and ideas with like-minded individuals and develop them into performance pieces of all kinds. Teens will create sketches, scenes, monologues, physical theatre moments, spoken word, stand-ups, and more.

These are just some of the summer camp options offered at Langara College. Check out the full list or register your teen by clicking here.

Camps start at $275 per week and will be held Monday-Friday from July 4 at Langara’s main campus, 100 West 49th Avenue, just minutes away from the Langara- 49th Skytrain station. Discounts are available for siblings and multiple camp bookings.

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