6 summer hair trends you need to try

Jun 4 2016, 9:07 am

Summer is the best time of year to change up your look. Now that the chill of winter is behind you, you’ve obviously changed your fashion and what you wear, but you’ll need a new hairstyle to complete your new look.

We spoke with local hair expert Jennifer Cook, Creative Director of Juice Salon in Yaletown to talk about what’s new, fun and fresh this season.

1. Long bob with texture

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Many celebs are currently rocking the long bob with a lot of playful texture. The long bob typically looks best with heavy layers and a slightly exaggerated texture at the base of the cut.

Messier and choppier styles are in this season, and that look becomes even sexier when voluminous and married with a modern and angular cut. It’s all about that edgy texture. Use a volumizing shampoo to help achieve this textured effect.

2. Shorter cuts

Speaking of being edgy, short cuts are coming back into style. A woman who feels confident with short hair comes across as fun, fearless, bold and sexy. If you think you’re ready to take the plunge, ask your hair stylist to see some photos to get inspiration. The trend of shorter cuts definitely allows you to play with texture as well.

3. Warm colours

Coppers, warm reds and gold tones are very in this season. When the colours are formulated correctly by your stylist, they can compliment your personal style and your skin tone beautifully. These warm colours can be very rich, which is what makes this style pop.

4. Sun-kissed babylights

The sun-kissed look is achieved by getting less highlights than you usually would, and in a shade that is a relatively close match to you natural hair colour. Instead of highlights, think babylights. Rather than a contrast, it’s barely-there, which creates the illusion of sun-kissed hair. You didn’t go and get your hair done – you were just sitting in the Californian sun. The sun-kissed look is perfect for those who want dimension in the form of highlights while maintaining a soft and natural look.

5. Sombre

As the once-popular ombre look works its way out, we go into a more subtle version of this look instead. Rather than ombre’s bold roots effect which gradually transitions into a lighter colour all over the ends of the hair, the sombre hair trend is achieved using the same technique with a few key differences. If you opt for a sombre, you’ll get freestyle highlights throughout the lower part of your hair and softer, less obvious versions of the colours. The result? A more subtle ombre effect which still mimics grown-out colour.

6. Bangs

Medium-weight bangs paired with long layers are in for summer of 2016. This particular look goes great with the long bob trend. Since edgy texture is in right now, bangs are the way to go. Baby bangs are pretty much out, but longer, fuller bangs with more texture are in. Bangs definitely add a ton of personality. If you’ve never tried this style before, ask your hair stylist if it would work with your face shape. It’s fun to try something new but it’s always best to get a second opinion from a professional.

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