Save $50 off tires and help feed 150 Canadians in need this winter

Nov 27 2017, 11:41 pm

Winter is a time when you need to take precautions.

It’s when you take a look at the essentials and evaluate what you need to buy. This could be a new winter coat, tires for your car, or weatherproof boots to tackle unexpected conditions.

Sadly, not everyone in Canada has the luxury of making a winter checklist. And many Canadians don’t have the basic food supplies that they need to get through the winter.

Every month, more than 860,000 Canadians use the food bank. In rural communities, 156,000 Canadians rely on a food bank, and in general, one in three food bank users is a child.

That’s why donations are crucial to food banks, as about 40% of the food distributed is fresh. So cash donations actually allow food banks to buy fresh/perishable products in bulk. And when just $1 is donated to food banks, it provides the equivalent of three nutritious meals.

Now there’s something you can do to help Canadians in need during this especially difficult time of the year.

You receive $50 off your purchase of any four tires at Kal Tire and the tire specialist will also donate $50 to a food bank in your area. All donations stay local.

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All you have to do is visit any participating Kal Tire location within the next two weeks to take advantage of the promotion. Kal Tire will be running this very special offer until December 15.

This winter you can stay safe with the right tires on your car and feel good knowing that you’ll be making an enormous difference to other families at the same time. Because with every purchase of four tires, all funds will stay in the community.

For more information and to find a location near you, visit Kal Tire. To get the latest updates, check out Kal Tire on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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