5 simple hacks for becoming a morning person

Mar 26 2017, 8:30 pm

Say goodbye to the mornings you consistently dread.

Revving up your waking hours by using a few helpful hacks means you’ll hit the snooze button a little less – so you can become that morning person you’ve always wanted to be. Getting up at 7 am and taking on the day like a boss will be your forte in no time and by 9 am you’ll already feel like you have your life together.

To help you get on the right track, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to become a morning person.

Read something



Pick up a book in the morning and aim to read a few pages. Depending on your personality, you’ll need to read a certain genre to ward off any yawns. Some people do really well reading motivational material as a means to get themselves through the day. But if you could use a few laughs then open up the pages to some funny stuff that will put you in the right mood before you even reach the office doors that day.

Either way, reading can help you fuel your creativity for the day ahead – and you can do it in as little as just 10 minutes each morning. Challenge yourself to read up to 10 pages a day, and you’ll quickly see how much of a difference it makes.



Your body will thank you for putting aside just a few minutes of stretching time. It’s almost like you’re emerging from a cocoon when you stretch your arms up and out, forgetting about your messy hair.

Start by stretching your upper body, and gradually add some weight to help tone your muscles. Fitting some yoga into your morning routine helps you find your zen – at this time, you can set your intentions for the day. You’ll be ready to handle it all like a boss since you’ll be in tune with your surroundings, able to make better decision-making skills.

Listen to music



Playing your favourite songs eases you into the morning and pumps you up for even the busiest of days. Turn up the volume for your favourite artist and genre, and sync your morning activities to these vibrants beats. You can listen to music as you brush your teeth or making breakfast in your pajamas. Dance at the same time and you’ll seriously feel happy to be awake – even if it’s still dark outside.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you’ll want to pencil in a morning date with some good food. A light, nutritious bowl of food is all you need to fuel up your brain for the rest of the day. Skip breakfast and you’ll realize in hindsight that things weren’t exactly smooth-sailing…you stared out the window during the day, felt super sleepy at your desk, and didn’t exactly retain a whole ton of useful information.

To avoid this, prep a bowl of oatmeal, and pair it with a probiotic drink for your first meal of the day to reboot your energy levels. You can even make a smiley face with fruit in your oatmeal. Cue happy, healthy morning vibes.

Psych yourself up



Warning: You might feel silly doing this the first few times, but you need not fear. And that’s because by having a few words with your morning self in the mirror, you can feel more confident for the long day that awaits you. When you roll out of bed, motivation for the day may not be the first thing on your mind, but set it as a priority and you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing this years ago.

An energetic pep talk of telling yourself “I can totally rock my sales today,” is all you need to shake up your inner go-getter and unleash a can-do attitude. You’ll feel ambitious throughout the entire day and who knows – over time, it could even lead to a bonus.

For the naysayers – you have so much more control over early mornings than you think. By following these simple hacks to guide you through your waking hours, you could actually skyrocket your energy levels – perhaps with a little less caffeine than usual.

And if you still really want the extra few minutes in bed, get someone to change your clock forward by 15 minutes without telling you.