5 ways to reduce cat allergens in your home

Dec 1 2020, 6:44 pm

If there’s been any silver lining to 2020, it’s that it’s been unexpectedly conducive to welcoming furry friends into our lives. More time at home has, naturally, meant more time to dedicate toward acclimatizing, training, and bonding with new pets.

Though we’ve been enjoying the additional companionship and snuggle sessions, the itchy-eyed, drippy nose realities of navigating life with a cat remain as real as ever.

As pet parents, we’re used to making sacrifices for our fur babies — early morning walks in the cold or claw marks on the new couch — but enduring annoying cat allergens doesn’t necessarily have to be one of them.

With some help from the pet food experts at Purina, we’re counting down a few of the most effective ways to minimize pesky allergens — so you can breathe easy again.

Purify the air

Speaking of breathing more easily, a great first step in eliminating some of the dander wafting through your home is with an air purifier. In addition to helping cleanse the air of any allergens, it will also clear toxins, pollutants, or unwanted odours (like the litterbox).

Try Purina Pro Plan LiveClear

A huge breakthrough in cat nutrition — the culmination of ten years of research — has led to a safe, effective way of helping reduce allergens. It all starts with changing up your cat’s diet! Purina Pro Plan LiveClear helps manage sensitivities to allergens by reducing allergens in cat hair and dander.

The revolutionary cat food, which launched in Canada this October, is shown to reduce those aggravating factors by an average of 47% within three weeks of daily feeding. You can also count on it delivering all of the nutrients your cat needs, without foregoing any of the taste.

Wash your hands often

We’re willing to bet you’ve gotten quite familiar with the art of washing your hands this year. What you might not know is, on top of warding off potential viruses, washing your hands and face frequently is also an effective way of minimizing contact with irritating allergens. Buy yourself a special scent and make a self-care moment out of it.

Set boundaries


As much as you might enjoy having your cat around with you everywhere (or vice versa), setting some boundaries can provide you with a little reprieve. Setting parameters, like making your bed or whole bedroom off-limits to your cat, can help insulate you from dander and allergens. This is especially relevant if your allergies are interfering with your sleep quality and preventing you from getting some much needed zzz’s.

Clean regularly

It might be time to make friends with your vacuum. Simple as it sounds, keeping on top of housework — from dusting, to wiping down surfaces, and changing your bedding on the regular — can make a noticeable difference when it comes to keeping allergens at bay.

Purina Pro Plan LiveClear is available across Canada at select specialty pet retailers, online, and at veterinary clinics in two flavours: Adult Chicken & Rice and Adult Salmon & Rice.

To learn more about how changing your cat’s diet can help you navigate allergens and dander, you can head to purina.ca/liveclear.

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