5 Minute Cake Pops!

Within the last year, the world of confectionery goods has experienced impacting innovation, leaving our society in awe. I’m talking about the hottest new trend since cupcakes: Cake Pops. These perfectly symmetrical, bite-sized morsels of cake and frosting are taking over, and killing the cupcake while they do so!

Although Cake Pops are simple to make, they can be quite time consuming if made from scratch. Thankfully however, I’ve discovered a clever trick that sheds my Cake Pop prep time down to 5 minutes. My secret? Timbits! Ah, yes, brilliant I know! I had a couple good minutes of feeling like a genius until I went on Google and realized that the Timbit trick had already been thought of by many! …Darn.

What you will need : Cake Pops (yields :25)

25 timbits

Lollipop sticks (found at Michael’s or other craft stores)
1 pack of candy melts (or 14 oz of any kind of chocolate)
1 block of Styrofoam
Colored sugars, candies, or other decorative sprinkles desired


There are only a few simple steps in making these sinfully addicting treats.

1. First impale each Timbit with a lollipop stick (do not pierce all the way through!)

2. Next melt chocolate in a double boiler on the stove. Please keep an eye on this! Stir the chocolate frequently with a rubber spatula to avoid burning.  Once ready, dip each Timbit into the chocolate until evenly coated.

3. Lastly, dip Cake Pop in sugar, sprinkles, or anything else you’d like to decorate with. Place upright on a sturdy piece of styrofoam for cooling.

Besides being dangerously cute, the best thing about these Cake Pops is that they’re extremely easy to serve and eat. They also eliminate the hassle of having to evenly distribute cake to each and every guest!

I hope you will all enjoy them!

Love always,

@Smgirlbigplate x