5 meaningful gift ideas that won’t break the bank

Dec 3 2020, 3:05 pm

At the risk of sounding corny, it’s true what they say about the best gifts being those that come from the heart. And since the holidays are bound to look a little different this year, it’s a great time to consider gifts that are instilled with meaning and kindness.

In these strange times, Wayne Gretzky Estates wants to inspire Canadians to Give Greatly this season and enjoy the holidays however they can. Whether it be in person or through a package sent with love, through big celebrations or small gestures, this holiday season, it’s time to sit back and relish in the small things.

All to say, it doesn’t matter how full your wallet is this year so long as your heart is. Plus,  when it comes to these creatively thoughtful gifts, the last thing your loved ones will be thinking about is the price tag.

Gift of giving


In addition to giving back to the community, making a donation in someone’s name shows you care about the causes that matter most to them. After a long and strenuous year, food banks, homeless shelters, and countless other organizations are in need of generosity — especially throughout the holidays.

Since it’s been a tough time for small businesses, a gift card to a local restaurant or boutique could also be considered a donation of sorts — and one that your loved one will still get to enjoy.

Generous pours

Wayne Gretzky Estates Cabernet Syrah/Allison Kuhl

Let’s face it, you’ll never have to worry about a bottle of Wayne Gretzky Distillery Red Cask Whisky or Cabernet Syrah sitting on a shelf and gathering dust. Together or apart, these are gifts that are meant to be savoured and shared (if only virtually for this year).

Besides, nothing says the holidays like basking in the glow of the Christmas tree and sipping a whisky infused Manhattan or Old Fashioned. While you’re at it, why not host a virtual cocktail-making session? It’s something fun you can do together, even if you’re apart.

Wine-lovers can revel in the flavours of the Okanagan with a deep, wintry red that will pair perfectly with holiday dinner. If you coordinate with your loved ones, you can even host a virtual wine tasting while you hang some ornaments on the tree.

For the craft beer aficionado in the family, there’s also Wayne Gretzky Craft Brewing Premium Lager, brewed locally in British Columbia. It’s as crisp as the Canadian winter.

Recipe for thoughtfulness

What comes to mind when you think of the favourite foods of your nearest and dearest? Once you’ve reflected, you can find a unique recipe you think they’ll love, write it down on a notecard, and gather the ingredients needed.

Your loved one will appreciate the effort that went into crafting a custom recipe and will think of you as they take joy in cooking it up and enjoying it. 

Take the gesture one step further by inviting them to a virtual dinner party, during which you can sit back and enjoy a  delicious meal together — even while you are apart.

Personalized read

Consider heading to your nearest used book store to handpick individualized reads for those on your list. Not only will the process of picking the best reads be super rewarding, but it’s also one that will go a long way in supporting a small business.

For extra thoughtfulness points (and to save money on generic holiday cards) you can write an inscription inside that details why you chose it for them and well wishes for 2021.

Homemade touch

There are endless ways to get crafty with your holiday gifts. One of our all-time favourites is homemade candles that can be customized with distinct scents — like pine, orange, and tobacco — and personalized with adorable labels.

If the prospect of working with hot wax seems daunting, handcrafted cards, framed photos, and painting your own planters are all equally heartfelt gifts.

Wonderful things can happen when you Give Greatly — and no one knows this better than Wayne Gretzky Estates.

Wayne Gretzky Craft Brewing Premium Lager/Allison Kuhl

Their selection of spirits, like the Canadian Cream, will warm more than just your heart, while their collection of BC VQA wines and BC craft beer will give you a reason to cheers this holiday season.

You can visit GretzkyEstatesWines.com or BCLiquorStores.com to learn more and stock up on their assortment of Canadian-made spirits, wines, and beers.

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