4 questions to ask yourself if you want a killer internet connection

Oct 5 2016, 8:44 pm

Whether we like it or not, internet has become a necessity of life. Like air, water, and shelter, few of us can last long without a reliable internet connection.

But very few of us really pay attention to how we’re getting it. We need it to survive in this modern world, so when we don’t have it there’s a panic. We simply sign the first contract that comes our way and away we go.

That shouldn’t be the case. There are many questions you need to ask yourself and your provider to make sure you’re getting the best internet service possible. We’ve compiled an informative list of questions you can focus on when choosing your provider.

How much speed do I need?

Your internet speed is the single most important factor that determines how well your internet works for you. But not everyone needs the same speed. Think about how you use your internet. Is it primarily for looking at social media sites and browsing Etsy on weekends? Or are you always watching Netflix and downloading new movies? If you’re a gamer or a movie-streamer, you’re going to want the fastest internet connection so your images link together as smoothly as possible.  A good internet provider can help you find what speed is right for you – and not just up-sell you to the fastest and most expensive connection.

What data limit do I need?


Image: TekSavvy

Typically, the kind of things that require more data also require faster connections. Gaming and streaming are usually the biggest culprits, but you need to be especially careful when you get into the realm of HD and 4K shows. These use way more data than you expect. Your internet provider should be able to give you options for changing your data limit, even making it unlimited – if that’s what you need. If they don’t, you should switch to a company that will.

Is my provider there for me?



You should be able to talk to your internet provider when you need them. The flexibility to contact your provider over the phone, through online chat, or via email can feel more important than the internet you are actually getting – especially when there’s a problem or you need advice. It’s no fun to hear “your call is very important to us” for three hours, and companies that offer departmental phone numbers so you can talk to a real person are a true win.

What kind of contract should I get?

We tend to assume getting internet at a good price means locking ourselves into contracts that last years. But we shouldn’t have to be stuck in a contract that isn’t working for us, or pay the penalty for changing our service. TekSavvy agrees, and they’re one of the few internet providers that give great deals without tying you down. It’s internet that’s made for your life: flexible and affordable.

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