4 coats that will make you look hot in the cold

Dec 14 2016, 11:42 pm

Welcome to Canada, where winter means freezing temperatures and bulky winter gear.

We have to bundle ourselves up for months of the year – otherwise there would be no Canadians left. And usually bundling up means layering different coats on top of each other, adding several scarves, mittens, toques, and waddling out into the snow.

But just because we’re cold doesn’t mean we have to look unfashionable. In fact, that’s exactly the sort of thing Strellson is looking to correct.

The high-end menswear line has stores around the world, more than 20 across Canada, and is one of the leading companies for men’s fashion.

We’ve made a list of four Strellson coats that are guaranteed to survive a Canadian winter, so that you can look fashionable while you do it.



Marck/Alaina Hase, AntiSocial Solutions

The Marck is a water repellent lightweight jacket perfect for the first few days of winter. The jackets use duck down as part of the lining, and come with a detachable hood and white piping details.

Swiss Cross Original-W


Swiss Cross Original-W/Alaina Hase, AntiSocial Solutions

If you ever need a coat to keep you warm, stylish, and historical, then the Swiss Cross Original-W is exactly what you should be looking for. The field jacket features a replica Swiss army blanket liner, which is removable so you can keep wearing the jacket when it warms up. It also has an adjustable waist, two-way hip pockets, plus a special knife pocket which holds a Victorinox Swiss army knife.



Stevn/Alaina Hase, AntiSocial Solutions

The true coat for the freezing cold Canadian urbanite. The Stevn is a wool parka with a relaxed fit, featuring a detachable hood and faux lamb fur collar. The quilted lining will keep you warm, and the adjustable waist won’t let any cold air in.

Storm Crasher Deluxe


Storm Crasher Deluxe/Alaina Hase, AntiSocial Solutions

It’s fashion for the outdoor adventurer. The Storm Crasher Deluxe is a waterproof, windproof parka with a duck down lining and faux lamb fur collar. Designed to keep you warm when you’re playing outside, the jacket features knitted sleeve cuffs, as well as a detachable hood and two-way hip pockets.

These jackets are available at Strellson retail locations and flagship stores across the country  and Canada’s country-wide cold front is the perfect reason to pick one up.

But there’s another reason too – for a limited time all these coats are on sale. You can get between 30% and 50% off your new favourite fashion statement. For more information, visit Strellson on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.