4 Cars to Test Drive For Summer 2012

Subaru’s Tail Happy BRZ – Starts at $27,295. Arriving at dealerships in June 2012, this 200 horsepower, four-cylinder, rear-wheel drive sports car promises to be the purest and most affordable sports car on the market. Because of the hype surrounding the BRZ you can expect orders to be backed up through to 2013, but you may still get your hands on one for a quick test drive. The one to choose: A base model with a 6-speed transmission in World Rally Blue. 

BMW’s Unbeatable 3 Series – Starts at $35,900. With 3 engine choices (320i, 328i, 335i), three trim lines (Modern, Luxury, Sport), and four modes (Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, Sport +) the new 3 Series can literally be whatever you want it to be. Replacing the 7 year-old model that was still blowing away the competition in 2012, the new 3 Series is once again a technological marvel, sports phenomenal fuel economy, and at the flick of a button drives like a comfortable luxury sedan or a bonkers four-door sports car. The one to choose: A loaded 335i Sport Line in Black Sapphire Metallic. 

Land Rover’s Extraterrestrial Evoque – Starts at $46,995. Ditching the Land Rover badge in favour of a Range Rover one, the Evoque’s high price is justified through it’s perfect interior (designed by Victoria Beckham), wild exterior styling, and legendary Land Rover terrain capabilities. It’s the absolute car to have right now and before you opt for any other crossover, do pay your local Land Rover dealership a visit first. The one to choose: The base Evoque in Firenze Red with a Fuji white roof and 20 inch wheels.

Porsche’s Muscular Boxter – Starts at $56,500. Porsche’s entry level convertible has always been the best amongst its peers, however its soft styling never appealed to the masses. With the new Boxter being a terrific looking car, Porsche has finally cracked the code and built a perfect roadster. For half the price of a 911 convertible you’ll sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds before topping out at 264 km/h. Nothing this side of armageddon should stop you from test driving one this summer. The one to choose: the 265 horsepower base engine is plenty, just don’t cheap out on the wheels or metallic paint. 

Other noteworthy cars that deserve your attention this summer are the new beefed-up Volkswagen Beetle, MINI’s fantastic two-seater Roadster, and Mercedes-Benz’s stunning SLK.