$33,500 bottle of Scotch at BC Liquor Store in Vancouver

Scotch drinkers can get their hands on a rare bottle of single malt at BC Liquor Stores. The Balvenie 50 was matured in a European oak sherry hogshead, rarely used today in whisky making. Filled with newly distilled spirit in 1962, over the following 50 years, the spirit slowly matured into a truly exceptional outstanding single malt Scotch whisky.

The particularly long maturation has created a wonderful fragrant and floral whisky, velvety sweet with a beautifully balanced combination of sweet citrus notes and gentle hints of honey, spice and oak. ABV of 44.1%.

A limited edition release with only 88 bottles of Balvenie Fifty will be unveiled Nov. 19. and  Vancouver is the first place in Canada where you can get your hands on this rare and extremely pricey scotch.

A bottle of this rare scotch will set you back a cool $33,500, and you thought the idea of a $100 hot dog in Vancouver was expensive. The bottle will be made available for sale Monday at the BC Liquor store on Cambie Street and 39th Avenue.

For the majority of us that can’t afford to even look at this rare scotch you can still drop by the store between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. to sample a range of other premium Balvenie whiskies.