20 great senior pets that are looking for a retirement home

Nov 15 2018, 5:46 pm

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month and there are so many deserving animals around the Lower Mainland looking for homes.

These sweeties are in their golden years, and are looking for a retirement home to call their own, preferably with a comfy bed to snooze on.

If you adopt one of these adorable pups, let us know!

Here’s a look at some of the adoptable sweeties in the region:


Toby/Dhana Metta Rescue Society

If you’re looking for a walking buddy, look no further. Toby LOVES walks. This nine year-old Maltese – Shih Tzu mix has been through a lot and needs patient owners. He’s great with other dogs and cats, but says no thank you to kids. If you think Toby is the one for you, check him out at PetFinderĀ or send Dhana Metta Rescue Society an email atĀ [email protected]


Roxy/Dhana Metta Rescue Society

I mean, COME ON, you can’t say that you don’t want to come home to this cutie! Roxy is a 10 year-old terrier/Chihuahua mix who just loves her cuddles. She’s very obedient and is called off easily from chasing cats. Check Roxy out onĀ PetFinderĀ and let’s find her a forever home!


Snuffles/Dhana Metta Rescue Society

Snuffles here is a quiet old man sitting at 12 years-old. He’s a Shih Tzu and loves to just chill on the couch all day with his owner. Snuffles is a velcro dog and loves to follow his owner around all day. Snuffles is totally house broken and has a clean bill of health. If you want to take Snuffles home, schedule a home visit today atĀ PetFinderĀ or email the Dhana Metta Rescue SocietyĀ atĀ [email protected]


Samantha/BC SPCA

Feline furries forever! Samantha is a calm, quiet old soul. She loves to cuddle on the couch. Samantha isn’t a fan of other pets and wants her owner all to herself. If interested, please contact the BC SPCAĀ to set up a visit.



Adorably named Blink, this fluffy pupper (he may be 12 years-old but he’s still a pupper) is completely blind as a result of tick fever. He was abandoned by his owners but is still the most loving dog! As old as he is, he’s still as energetic as he was at two years old. He also prances like a pony. How cute is that? Check him out at Petsablished and let’s help ol’ Blink find a home.



Oh Rexy, my Rexy! This nine year-old German shepherd was severely abused by his owner in the Middle East but his heart remains warmer than ever. He’s an easy going one who loves leisurely walks and hanging out with his family! If you think Rex is the one for you, check him out atĀ Petsablished.



This Tinkerbell will definitely bring you some Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust. This black and white beauty is a seven year-old Papillion/Pomeranian and if you couldn’t already tell, Tinkerbell just LOVES carrots! Due to abuse, Tinkerbell is deaf but is willing to learn hand signals and already knows a few as well. Check outĀ PetsablishedĀ to see more of her and help her find a home!


Lila/Richmond Animal Protection Society

Meet Lila, an 11 and a half year old Terrier bursting with cuteness. Lila loves playing with all animals and loves children as well! She likes to be dressed up and go on cute walks with her owners and hopes her hooman can spend most of their day with her. Are you the Turner to her Hooch? Set up a visit with her at Richmond Animal Protection Society.


Chewy/BC Chihuahua Rescue

Chewy is a nine year-old Chihuahua Corgi mix and loves being the centre of attention. He prefers an adult-only home but is good with other dogs and cats. If he wants attention, this sass-master will let it be known! Help him find his forever home at the BC Chihuahua Rescue.


Gomez/Langley Animal Protection Society

Gomez here is a 10 year-old Shih Tzu mix who would love a brother or sister. Gomez is cool with other dogs, cats, and even children. He’s completely house trained and is looking for a home for his twilight years. He’s currently being treated for kennel cough at the Langley Animal Protection SocietyĀ but his trainer is doing interviews. You can call them atĀ 604 -857-5055.


Nanook/Langley Animal Protection Society

Nanook is a sweet old German shepherd who loves to play outside. At nine years-old, Nanook does have a bit of arthritis and would prefer a home with no stairs. She’s been in and out of shelters and all she wants is to find her forever home. Check her out at the Langley Animal Protection Society


Bella/Langley Animal Protection Society

No, this isn’t a hippo for adoption. This cutie is Pitbull/terrier mix. Her age is unclear but her spirit remains young! Bella is also the perfect workout buddy who enjoys long walks and and the outdoors. Go visit her at theĀ Langley Animal Protection SocietyĀ or give them a call atĀ 604 -857-5055Ā for more information about sweet Bella.


Peppermill/Loved At Last Rescue

Peppermill (no, he’s not named after the salad dressing brand) is a sweet little guy but who needs a devoted owner. He’s a icy Poodle mix who grew up in Texas. Peppermill has a few medical issues; blindness in both eyes, a growth on his gums and will need an owner that’s extra careful and he will be extra EXTRA loving! Peppermill is chilling at theĀ Loved At Last Dog RescueĀ but is ready for his new home.


Smiley/Loved At Last Rescue

This appropriately named pupper is a nine year-old Shepherd/Labrador mix who just LOVES to smile! Like a tolerant old grandpa, Smiley will let dogs, cats, and children clobber all over him. He likes walks, but enjoys naps in the sunshine much more (kinda sounds like me). Right now, he’s smiling away at theĀ Loved At Last Dog RescueĀ but wants to smile for a new family.

Mad Max

Mad Max/S.A.I.N.T.S Rescue

Mad Max with the Mad Hair! This Pomeranian mix is a sass monster. His age is a bit fuzzy but to him, age is just a number. He’s not fully housetrained but is totally willing to learn, just don’t leave him alone for too long because he WILL go fury road on you! Check him out atĀ S.A.I.N.T.S. Rescue and bring home this “small but mighty” warrior.


Stella/S.A.I.N.T.S Rescue

Stella is a hunting dog, through and through. This nine year-old English Setter LOVES people. Old or young, Stella loves her snuggles and, because she’s spent most of her previous time outdoors, now adores being inside. She walks with her nose to the ground and through some training, will learn that she doesn’t need to be on constant alert all the time. She also has a high prey alert, no other animals are not a great idea. This life long friend has a clean bill of health and is waiting atĀ Ā S.A.I.N.T.S. RescueĀ for her new family. She hopes it’s a big one!


Harley/Save A Life Society

This sweet, cuddly English Sheepdog will have your heart swooning! This eight-year-old loves kids and definitely playing around with them, but other dogs? Not for Harley! Tongue? Out. Tail? Wagging. That’s how Harley lives her life. Check her out atĀ Save A Life SocietyĀ and make her part of your family soon.


Solstice/Vancouver Kitten Orphan Rescue

This first thing you’ll notice about Solstice is her striking eyes. She may take a while to warm up to you but once she does, it’s cuddles and belly rubs galore. Solstice loves her attention, but only when she wants it. She loves being the only pet in the house and highly recommends it stays that way. Solstice is purring away at the Vancouver Kitten Orphan Rescue but wants her own kingdom to roam around.


Jel-E-Bean/New Westminster Animal Shelter

Okay first of all, “Jel-E-Bean.” How CUTE is that? Despite her RBF (Resting Bored Face, let’s keep it G-rated), Jel-E-Bean loves getting head scratches and is a gentle little thing. She’s a queen and honestly, the nicknames are endless with this one. Jelly, Beany, keep it cool and breezy with Jelz, like i said they’re endless. Jel-E-Bean is at theĀ New Westminster Animal ShelterĀ but needs a permanent home to rule. Visit her for a quick head scratch!



Elvis is actually a working man! He’s doing his 9-5 at the Catfe but is looking to take care of business (see what I did there?) and retire with his Priscilla (and there too). He’s a sweet little boy who enjoys the company of other cats and people, though it may take him some time, who will love you tenderly (once again). You can visit Elvis at the Catfe, but I warn you – one visit with this guy, and he will always be on your mind (whoops I had to). Elvis loves his job, but with the right people, he’s hoping to leave the building (last one I promise).

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