11 new restaurants added to Mealshare program in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 11:45 pm

If you’ve dined out often in Vancouver, you may have noticed the Mealshare logo among some of your favourite dishes on restaurant menus. So what exactly is Mealshare, and what does that logo represent?

Mealshare is a not-for-profit organization that has partnered with various restaurants to provide the less fortunate with meals. The concept is quite simple. Their slogan “Buy one, give one” works exactly in that manner: When you purchase a meal with a Mealshare logo next to it on the menu, a meal will also be provided to a corresponding charity. In Vancouver, when a Mealshare item is purchased at partnership restaurants, a meal will be donated to Mission Possible.

Recently, Mealshare celebrated their launch event at CRAFT in Olympic Village where they unveiled the addition of 11 new restaurants that have joined on as partners to the program, adding to the almost 200 existing partner restaurants that they currently work with.

The 11 restaurants are:

That means that at each of these locations, you will find the Mealshare logo next to specific items on the menu. When you purchase your meal, you’ll receive your meal just like normal, but you’ll also provide one meal to someone in need. There’s no extra cost or action you need to take. Just buy one, and you’re giving one.

You can learn more at www.mealshare.ca – including a full list of partner restaurants, and a contact form to find out other ways you can help out.

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