11 beautiful views of Vancouver that you don't know about

Jun 16 2017, 1:59 am

It’s summer.

You want to strap on your sandals, get outside, and see Vancouver in ways like never before…but you’re not sure how. You could spend time researching to find the right places, but that’s time consuming and you have bigger fish to fry.

Yet it’s extremely important to you that you try something different since you’re tired of going to the same old places as everyone else. Unfortunately that starts to feel a little cliche when you’re always visiting the same spots  – it’s obviously time for a change.

To help you find a dazzling view of Vancouver’s skyline, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 places for gazing in all your summer glory.

Woodward’s Building rooftop



You’ve probably heard about it but chances are you haven’t seen it for yourself since you have to be a resident to gain access. But trust us, doing so (or just making friends with the right person) is well worth your time since you can see both the ocean and our beautiful cityscape simultaneously.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park viewpoint/Shutterstock

Witness Vancouver from its highest point right beside the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. You’ll be able to see the North Shore mountains, Vancouver, and the stunning park – but for the ultimate summer experience you might want to bring a blanket to enjoy the view at night.

From a float plane

Sometimes getting on a float plane is the best way to see Vancouver if you’re craving something a little different. It’s going to take a little more planning but you’re guaranteed to get an original shot as long as you feel like pulling your camera out.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill/Miss Barabanov

You’ll get a view of both Burnaby and downtown when you visit the illustrious Capitol Hill – better yet, it’s only a 24-minute drive from Vancouver’s City Hall.

East 6th Avenue

eat van


Stand on the corner of East 6th Avenue beside the VCC Clark SkyTrain Station to get a dazzling view of downtown Vancouver. It gets even better if you take the SkyTrain out toward Burnaby as the skyline transforms into bright colours during the evening.

UBC Viewpoint



This is one you definitely need to Google if you haven’t visited yet. Some students come here after a tough day of studying, but you’ll only be able to find a few pictures online so you need to experience it for yourself in person. Bring a thermos of hot tea to sip while the sun rises or sets.

Cypress Lookout


With stunning views of Vancouver, Cypress Mountain is much more than just a skiing destination.

Burnaby Mountain

burnaby mountain

View from Burnaby Mountain/Shutterstock

Enjoy the drive out to Burnaby Mountain and soak up the beautiful view at sunset, right before it gets dark. Most people don’t know about this place because it’s outside of Vancouver, but now you do.

Kensington Park


Kensington Park/Rod Raglin

We’re so obsessed with the usual locations that many of us don’t know about this magical spot. If you’re looking to get a killer view of North Vancouver, East Vancouver, and the Burrard Inlet, then you need to visit the beautiful Kensington Park.

UBC’s Rose Garden

UBC’s Rose Garden is inherently beautiful, but so is its area that features views of the sparkling ocean and colourful skies during sunset and sunrise.

Brenna TempleBrenna Temple

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