10 things you need for back to school, even if you’re not in the classroom

Aug 25 2020, 10:16 am

If we had it our way, summer would be eternal. But, alas, it’s already time to begin thinking ahead to fall and the back-to-school season.

As you prepare to turn inward to learn, it’s time to consider which essentials you’ll need to get back into the school mindset. Whether you’re attending class virtually or are back in the classroom, we’ve put together a list of key items that can all be found at your local London Drugs so you don’t miss a beat.

Coffee maker

Braun Digital Touch Screen Coffee Maker/London Drugs

Early morning classes call for coffee — and lots of it. This Braun stainless steel, touch screen coffee machine is equipped with a FastBrew System that will get your coffee ready 25% faster, which should buy you an extra snooze button in the morning.

Pro tip: set a timer on your coffee machine so you’re incentivized by the sweet smell of coffee brewing as you wake each morning.

Mug warmer

Salton Mug Warmer/London Drugs

There’s a time and a place for both hot coffee and iced coffee, but lukewarm coffee is… just unacceptable. Keep your coffee warm and drink it at your own pace with a mug warmer that will steadily keep your drink at the right temperature.

Standing desk

Certified Data Desktop Standing Desk/London Drugs

Since you’re likely to be telecommuting to classes from home, invest in a standing desk that can help with your posture, energy levels, and overall wellbeing. They’re easily adjustable to suit your studying style throughout the day and can also help improve alertness (so you don’t fall asleep in class).


Logitech Pro Webcam/London Drugs

Since the school is likely to look a little different this year, tech accessories will be important for fostering personal connections. The razor-sharp, clear images that can be captured on this Logitech Pro Webcam will make you feel like you’re right there with your classmates.

Ring light

Mobifoto LED Ring Light/London Drugs

Get soft, directional light for important meetings and creative projects — especially for the dim fall and winter months. This Mobifoto LED ring light has a smartphone mount, adjustable tripod, and a direction ball head mount that allows you to curate the lighting exactly as you need.


Beats Solo3 Pro Wireless Headphones/London Drugs

Tune into your lecture with adjustable and comfort-cushioned earphones that connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about fussy cords.

Beats’ award-winning sound and design are also perfect for blasting music while you’re cramming for your next exam or pulling an all-nighter to finish that paper.

Phone sanitizer

IntelliARMOR UVShield+ Portable Smart Phone Sanitizer/London Drugs

Keep your phone, glasses, or key fobs safe from germs with a designated sanitizer. The device is UV powered and will fully sanitize your device from every angle to provide you with peace of mind when you’re out and about.

Personalized mask

Personalized face mask/London Drugs

Since masks are now mandatory in many public spaces, why not get a funky face covering that you can coordinate with your outfits? You’ll want something light and easy to wear that you can regularly throw into the wash. You can fully customize your own mask design using LD photolab. Simply upload the image of your choice onto the website and London Drugs will send you your custom creation.

Personal protection

Ready First Aid Sani-Pak/London Drugs

Stay germ-free with a 12-piece self-sanitization kit with everything from sanitizer to soap, disposable gloves, air purifiers, and cleaning supplies. Having a kit at the ready in class or out and about can be both convenient and reassuring.

Technology services

London Drugs Tech Services/London Drugs

Keeping connected and having all of your files at hand on your laptop will help ease you into the school year.

In the event that anything goes wrong, London Drugs’ Tech Service department has the expert staff and Apple Certified Service Centre to keep your tech running smoothly for all those online classes and homework.

Head to your nearest London Drugs location or shop online at LondonDrugs.com for all your back to school essentials. Online orders can be delivered to your home or available for in-store or free curbside pickup.

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