“10 Hottest NHL Players Entering the Playoffs”

Dec 19 2017, 5:37 am

“10 Hottest NHL Player Entering the Playoffs”

This post is for all the ladies out there (and some men)! As of today, women begin to dread the hours their men will spend in front of the tv, glued to every single playoff game. But I say, why dread? Ladies, let’s educate ourselves as well! How will we begin to educate ourselves? By figuring out who the hottest players we’ll be watching on the ice are! This was a long and tiring job as I went through every single playoff team, narrowing down the players and having to pick and choose who would make it into the ‘Top 10’. Looking at all those gorgeous men can give a girl a hard time. It has been done though! The results are in, and with the help from so many twitter responses and Vancouverites amongst the city streets, I have made ‘the’ list. This may not suit everyone, but I hope we can all agree that these guys are sexy!

Starting the list off at number…


10. We have Michael Del Zotto. Not only is this cutie from Ontario, Canada, but he is also named to the 2010 NHL All-Rookie Team. He plays for the New York Rangers. This 21 year old has a bright and handsome future ahead of him.

9. Coming in at number Nine we have Daniel Girardi. Another Canadian-born player from Ontario who also joins his teammate Michael Del Zotto on the New York Rangers. Girardi led the NHL in blocked shots with 236. He also played in the NHL 2012 All-Star Game. He’s an all-star in my eyes.

8. Coming in at number Eight… this bad boy was requested more than once through twitter response, and I know exactly why. Here we have Henry Lundqvist, the goal tender for the New York Rangers (I am almost done with them). Lundqvist is the only NHL goal tender to record 30 wins in each of his first seven seasons. He also brought home the 2006 Winter Olympic Gold medal for the men’s Swedish team. He is also featured as one of the top 25 best dressed! This man is a keeper.

7. Patrick Sharp is our seventh pick. This Canadian born player from Winnipeg alternates as Captain on the Chicago Blackhawks. Named “Sexiest Athlete” in 2009 by Victoria’s Secret and having a Stanley Cup under his belt, this man is worth keeping an eye on during the playoffs.

6. Born in New York, this American Hockey player is our very own Chris Higgins. Having been on Montreal Canadians, Flames, Panthers and Rangers, Higgins ended up in our lap and we couldn’t be happier. The response for Higgins to be featured was without a doubt a must. Appearing in 71 games, Higgins recorded 43 points (18 goals, and 25 assists). We look forward to watching him and seeing him play in the playoffs.

Bonus photo: Chris Higgins Abs


5. Coming in at number Five we have our beautiful Mason Raymond. Born in Cochrane Alberta; playing for the Canucks affiliated team Manitoba Moose. Recording his first NHL hat trick against the Calgary Flames in 2009-10 seasons, this father of one is proud to call himself a Canuck and we look forward to what he will bring to the playoffs this year.

4. Falling in at number Four is the amazing Sidney Crosby. There is so much to say about this man but I will keep this short and sweet. He is hot and we love him. We are all happy that he is back and ready to play. Looking forward to watching this Canadian born player play for his Pittsburgh Penguins.

3. I really wish that this man was number one. Not only does he have my heart but he has captured the heart of many others. I am talking about none other than Kevin Bieksa (or better known as Juice). Serving as an alternate captain on away games, Bieksa brings heart and soul to the game. A game winning moment for Bieksa was scoring the double-overtime winning goal in the 5th game against the San Jose Sharks, sending the Vancouver Canucks into the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994. This sexy father of two is the subject of many girls daydreams. I know I have more than once.

2. Landing the number Two spot, we have Taylor Pyatt. Everyone has a soft spot for Pyatt. A Canadian born player from Ontario, who now plays for the Phoenix Coyotes, once graced our Vancouver Ice. All our hearts broke with the news of Pyatts fiancé’s sudden death in a car accident while vacationing in Jamaica in 2009. After many injuries and set backs Pyatt is ready for the playoffs and looking great while doing it!

1. And falling in at number One, yes you guessed it, Maxim Lapierre. This quick-talking Quebec resident is said to be one of the most hated players on the ice. Playing for the Montreal Canadians and the Anaheim Ducks before landing his spot with the Vancouver Canucks. He is said to be distracting and provoking with opposing players, trying to get them to take penatlies. Lapierre is our hottest NHL player in the playoffs because he comes on the ice and is sexy from start to finish.

That is all for now! I hope this list makes everyone happy (I know it did for me). Now lets Go Canucks and bring us home the Cup! This year it’s ours!

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