10 awesome fashion jobs in Vancouver you've never heard of

Dec 19 2017, 6:06 pm

No doubt about it, Vancouver is an epic place to live. And thanks to its thriving fashion industry, it’s only getting better. The past decade has seen an upswing in globally recognized brands coming out of—and setting up shop in—Vancouver. What does this mean for you? More locally available fashion jobs to choose from—finally!

So if you’ve ever considered working in fashion, now’s the time to get educated and pursue your passion. John Casablancas Institute offers a comprehensive fashion program that prepares students for virtually any role in the industry, even those you might not have heard of yet…

1. Product Designer

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Conducting marketing and trend research, dreaming up new designs, communicating concepts via mood boards, illustrations and swatches; if that sounds like fun, then product designing is the job for you. Hone your innate creativity, flair and sense of style, and equip yourself with the right set of technical skills to make yourself a shoe-in for this role at local companies like Lululemon and Herschel.

2. Wholesale Rep

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Wholesale reps either work with agencies or directly with designers and brands to manage sales, marketing and distribution with retailers. If you’re a people person, have great communication skills and love the challenge of selling a brand and its products, this role will be the perfect fit for you. You’ll get to know buyers from various retailers and help them best select the clothes and accessories their customers will love.

3. Fashion Forecaster

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More accurate than their weather-divining counterparts, fashion forecasters have a knack for being able to identify trends before they happen. From menswear to accessories, these clairvoyant fashionistas help designers, companies and retailers refine their product development, audience and marketing strategies. While fashion forecasting is a niche market with few exclusive jobs in Canada, the skills involved are indispensable for a wide range of roles in the industry including apparel production, buying and wholesaling.

4. Communications Strategist

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From public relations to branding via social media management, fashion communications covers a diverse and dynamic field. If you’re social, stylish and have a way with words, Vancouver is a great place to put your interests and talents to work with companies like Another Blank Page and Sparkle Media.

5. Visual Merchandiser

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If you’ve ever been compelled to buy a piece of clothing you saw (ever so perfectly styled) on a store mannequin, or slowed your pace to take in a striking window display, you’ve experienced the work of a talented visual merchandiser or two. With vacant positions at local stores like Topshop, H&M, Lululemon, Kit & Ace and Coach, this imaginative role is in demand.

6. Fashion Buyer

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If you’re anything like us, we know that at some point you’ve probably imagined what a thrill it would be to choose the pieces and styles that grace your favourite store’s shelves. Guess what? That’s a real job. Liaising with sales reps, knowing your customers and predicting trends are all key in this dream role.

7. Film/TV Wardrobe Stylist

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With its strong film industry, Vancouver is teeming with on-set jobs. The wardrobes you see on screen don’t just happen—someone’s got to clothe all those entertainers and that’s where the film and TV stylist comes in. Their job is to outfit actors, personalities and celebrities for their on-screen roles. A position that’s always changing and never dull. Guaranteed.

8. Personal Stylist

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If you have to physically restrain yourself from giving sartorial advice to the lady next to you in line at your local coffee shop, or find yourself eyeing up passersby and reworking their outfits in your head, you might just be a personal stylist. Whether working independently or in store; these fashion guardian angels help the less style-inclined dress their best, day in and day out. You can be an independent image consultant for individuals or corporations (think celebrity stylists), style editorials or commercials for TV or local magazines, work with designers to style fashion shows or become a personal stylist in a retail setting, like Topshop or Nordstrom.

9. Production Coordinator

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As a production coordinator, you’re responsible for managing the flow of raw materials to global factories for production, negotiating rates and ensuring the highest quality products for your company. If you love project management (and spreadsheets—we know you’re out there), you’ll enjoy the challenge of ensuring all moving parts of fashion production are timed and that stock is up-to-date for retailers.

10. Fashion Journalist

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In publications like Montecristo, HUSH and ION Magazine, fashion news abounds in Vancouver. Fashion journalists are responsible for reporting on the latest trends, shows and designers through written content and social media. The best part? Most publications accept freelance submissions. With lots of opportunities to write for online publications, it’s easy to build up your portfolio.

Now that you know that your dream job actually exists in Vancouver, how do you land it? Start by getting all the skills you need at John Casablancas Institute, where their one-year Fashion Business & Creative Arts program combines all things fashion to set you up for the job. Already have some experience under your belt? Check out Style Nine to Five to see who’s hiring.


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