This 'Zero Star' Swiss hotel is literally just a bed in the middle of the mountains

Jul 16 2016, 3:52 am

Talk about a room with a view.

This Swiss ‘hotel’ offers one of the most spectacular sleeping experiences of your life. Resting 1,700m above sea level in a meadow in Switzerland’s Safien Valley, this ‘bedroom’ can be yours for 250 Swiss Francs ($330 CDN) a night.

Swiss Hotel Location

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Two brothers designed and created the concept of Null Stern Hotels – Null Stern translates as ‘Zero Stars’ – with the idea behind your stay being that ‘you are the only star’.

The put together a similar (but very different) experience a few years ago in which guests could stay in a Swiss nuclear bunker converted into an eco-luxury hotel. Both modern art and legitimate place to stay, Null Sten Hotels turn the concept of luxury hospitality on its head. This new experience was created as part of the first Alps Art Academy and is also part of the Land Art exhibition Art Safiental.

There’s a “cozy double bed with duvet”, a power source if needed, a nearby barn for getting changed/seeking shelter during a sudden storm, and a flashlight available. There are no modern amenities.

And it sounds perfect.

Swiss Zero Star Hotel

You will receive a ‘welcome drink’ when you arrive, and a ‘butler’ will bring you breakfast in the morning, but other than that, you’re on your own. Should the meadow not suffice for your bathroom needs, a toilet is located about a 10 minute hike away.

Check-in takes place between 7-8 pm (sunset is roughly around 8:30 pm) at the same location as the toilet and your butler will accompany you –  see: show you where the hell it is – to your bed.

The only limitation is weather. You’ll have to check in with the hotel by phone around 5pm to see if your stay is a go. This will only happen if the overnight weather is predicted to be dry and to maintain temperatures above 6° Celsius. There is no secondary sleeping option if the weather is bad, so you should make sure you have a backup plan. Obviously, if your stay is cancelled due to weather you’ll receive your money back.

But a night like this isn’t about money, it’s about having the experience of a lifetime.

So enjoy the mountains tucking you in at night, and make sure to say hello to the stars for us…

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