Winner of massive $2.8 million Blue Jays 50/50 draw bought hundreds of tickets

May 9 2023, 7:07 pm

Though you shouldn’t ever count on beating the odds in any circumstance, one strategy to increase your chances when it comes to contests is entering multiple times, if possible — which is exactly what one Toronto Blue Jays fan did to great success.

The baseball team put out a call last week for the winner of its latest Jays Care 50/50 jackpot, which boasted a purse of a whopping $2,873,030.

And, on Tuesday, the winner finally came forward to claim their prize, offering a bit of wisdom for future entrants in the process.

Deb from Hamilton, who claims to be the team’s number one fan, bought a total 0f 250 tickets for the draw on the evening of April 11, which was the Jays’ home opener game of the season against the Detroit Tigers — and, apparently, a lucky day for not only the team, who won, but for Deb also.

“After a week-long search supported by Blue Jays fans and media outlets across the country, Deb came forward with the winning ticket to claim her prize,” the Jays Care Foundation stated in a press release.

They also revealed that Deb is a longtime supporter of the raffle, and had purchased the biggest ticket package available to give herself a higher probability of winning the “life-changing” prize: 250 tickets in total for $100.

While most fans might opt for the more conservative options of $10 for 5 tickets or $20 for 15, perhaps the payoff of Debs’ splurge will inspire others to drop a little more cash in an effort to win big. Besides, it’s probably better to spend $100 supporting a good cause than on a few overpriced stadium drinks, right?

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