The Weather Network releases Canada’s fall forecast and winter preview

Sep 15 2020, 7:41 am

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Although there are still a few days of summer, fall weather is already approaching, and The Weather Network has released its outlook for Canada’s upcoming season.

According to TWN, parts of Canada have already felt October-like weather, leaving a few to wonder if winter is just a short time away, as some have even felt frosty conditions this season.

But with fall weather ahead of schedule in some regions, Meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham assures that October and November will continue to feel like autumn, delaying winter’s consistent weather across most of Canada. 

“This is in stark contrast to last fall, which included a few historic winter-like storms and extended periods of mid-winter cold,” said Gillham.

“Most Canadians can expect near or above-normal temperatures during the heart of the fall season, but parts of northern B.C. and Alberta are at risk of tipping to the cold side of normal.”


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British Columbia

According to The Weather Network, a change is expected for October and November as the typical BC fall of cooler and wetter weather might see even more rain than usual during this time. “While we won’t necessarily see more than the typical number of rainy days, the warmer than normal ocean water temperatures across the North Pacific will contribute to more moisture-laden systems,” said the weather agency.

As for winter, with a combination of cooler temperatures and above-normal rain, the potential for an early start is imminent.

The Prairies

Extended periods of mild weather in the fall months are expected as temperatures remain near normal for the entire season. As for northern Alberta, there’s a chance it might feel slightly colder than the typical seasonal weather.

When it comes to winter, a bit of delay is expected, according to The Weather Network. “As residents of the Prairies well know, a normal fall always includes a few tastes of early winter, but we expect a delay in the arrival of consistent winter weather,” reads the forecast.

Ontario & Quebec

Both provinces are expected to have extended periods of nice fall weather during the next few months as above-seasonal temperatures are expected to dominate. “While a couple tastes of early winter can still be expected during the season, November is expected to be much milder than last year when winter-like weather dominated the month,” said TWN.

The Weather Network

Atlantic Canada

“Above normal temperatures are expected to dominate the fall season,” stated the forecast. Although quick shots of cold weather are expected, the arrival of consistent winter weather is anticipated to be delayed. “Near normal precipitation is expected for much of the region, but there is a heightened risk for the remnants of tropical storms and hurricanes to impact the region, and for slow-moving fronts to tap into tropical moisture.” Although more rainy days are not expected, with help from a few storms, it could become a bit wetter than normal.

Northern Canada

Colder-than-normal temperatures are expected across the southern parts of the Northwest Territories and into southeastern Yukon, according to The Weather Network. Despite the cold shock, a typical call is expected across most of the region. As for the western parts of the Yukon, above-normal temperatures are also on the radar.

With that being said, get the most out of the last few days and enjoy summer while you still can.

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