UP Express suspends service due to ongoing signal problem

Feb 14 2020, 6:32 am

UPDATE: Regular UP Express service has resumed.

The UP Express is suspended due to an “ongoing signal problem,” the train service tweeted early this morning.

The announcement first came in at 4:42 am telling people travelling to and from Pearson Airport and Union Station to use the GO shuttle bus for an alternative transit option.

At 6:38 am the transit service announced the continued suspension of service, telling customers that shuttle buses were running every 15-20 minutes for the Pearson Airport and Union Station route.

UP Express later reports it is working on the issue, saying service is expected to be suspended for the next two to three hours.

Anne Marie Aikins, Senior Manager for Metrolinx said that the signal problem is a “bigger issue than we’d hoped for.” According to Aikins, more crews have been asked to conduct a full repair.

It is not clear what caused the signal problem or when train service will resume.

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