Union Station in Toronto just got a number of new stores and food options

May 26 2023, 4:25 pm

Union Station has never been a run-of-the-mill train station in Toronto. This bustling landmark in the city has just gotten better with a range of new food stores and shops.

Union Market is the latest effort in an attempt to revitalize Union Station. You’ll find bubble tea, chocolate, steaming hot patties and more as you walk through Union Market’s well-designed space.

There’s also now an ongoing DJ program, a permanent art installation and communal seating. During the course of the year, the space will also host cultural and art events.

Stores at Union Market will open in phases over the next few months. Phase one includes an interesting mix of food and retail stores.

Here’s a roundup of what Union Market has to offer in its first phase of opening.

The Alley

Serving interesting blends of bubble tea, The Alley is a great spot to stop by for a refreshing drink. Originally from Taiwan, The Alley established itself in Canada nearly seven years ago and has many locations around the city.

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Signature drinks include Deerioca (brown sugar slow-cooked with tapioca for two hours), Royal 9 Milk Tee (black tea infused with blueberry) and Tiramisu Crunchy.

Patties Express

This shop specializes in freshly baked Jamaican patties. They’ve been around for 10 years in several locations across Toronto.

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Their menu includes beef, vegetable and chicken patties with the spicy beef patty being the most popular.

Lena’s Floral Designs

This female-owned business offers a range of flower arrangements for events and occasions.

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The colourful store at Union Market has an assortment of flowers and other plants. You can also get customized arrangements here.


This store sells a selection of fresh olive oils and naturally aged balsamic vinegars that are both flavoured and unflavoured. The store’s offerings pair well with a variety of dishes and are brought in from Italy and Spain.

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Aside from signature olive oils and vinegars, they also have finishing salts and rubs, artisan maple syrup, hot sauces and premium dark chocolate infused with their olive oil.


A gourmet chocolate store, Chocollata specializes in a variety of Brigadeiros, a traditional Brazilian sweet treat. Brigadeiros are best described as a cross between a truffle, caramel and fudge.

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Flavours include Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Blossoms, Dulce de Leche Roasted coconut and more. Chocollata also has brownies and sells its Brigadeiros in packs of two, four, and more.


This pop-up shop is a crystal and jewellery store that makes tarnish-free, water-proof products for everyday wear. They offer gold filled and sterling silver jewellery and with permanent bracelets being their newest addition.

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These bracelets (both in gold and silver) are welded onto wrists for anyone looking for a permanent accessory.  Gemlet has three locations across the GTA with its pop-up at Union Market being the most recent.

Virtue Vintage

Another pop-up, this Toronto-based vintage clothing boutique focuses on slow fashion and sustainability. You’ll find a variety of vintage wear including Marvel t-shirts, sneakers, hoodies, jackets from brands like Adidas, Nike, North Face and more at affordable prices.

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Streetwear is big at Virtue Vintage, which started off as an Instagram account four years ago where they sold things online. They’ve expanded since and have now set up their first physical location at Union Market.

What’s next at Union Market

The next phase of Union Market is set to launch in mid-June with more stores opening including Hazukido, #DESI, Kibo and a pop-up concept by Collective Arts. The market will also host more pop-ups that will change throughout the year.

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Union Market’s operating hours are Monday to Sunday: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. Union Station is located at 55 Front Street West.

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