Twitter reacts hilariously to Ontario "Cactus Club Woman" leaving Alberta

Dec 14 2022, 10:24 pm

An article about a woman from Ontario who complained about moving to Alberta — and eventually moved back home — recently sent Albertans into a frenzy online. Some users have even started calling her the “Cactus Club Woman.”

The original piece published by Toronto Life was titled “I moved to Alberta and hated everything about it. After three months, I came back to Toronto,” which profiled the experience of a 33-year-old woman who moved from “Mississauga to Edmonton to Mississauga.”

Sparking much of the social media reactions was how she used to finish work and head straight to the nearest Cactus Club. She moved to a suburb just outside of Edmonton, with apparently no Cactus Clubs which really do have some amazing dishes.

Many of the comments and replies on Twitter are confused, wondering why a “major extrovert who goes out three to five nights per week” would move to Leduc. “I think I’d do well in Sex and the City,” she wrote in the article.

It also seemed to bring Calgary, Edmonton, and Ontario together to agree on something.

These are the best Twitter reactions to the Ontario woman missing music, noise, nightlife, and of course, Cactus Club.

Since this story went viral and Cactus Club started trending on Twitter because of it, Cactus Club’s profile has been switched to private. It’s unclear if it’s because of all of these comments, replies, and posts, but users have their thoughts.

Other people gave the advice that when you move to a new city, it’s important to know if the important things to you are there, like a nearby Cactus Club.

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