This TV chef will cook for you in a hidden Toronto dining room

May 17 2017, 11:48 am

Ever dream of having a TV chef personally cook for you?

The fantasy has never been more attainable in Toronto now that one of Canada’s most famous chefs is now cooking in a hidden dining room you’ve never heard of.

Located inside the trenches of the Westin Harbour Castle, just finding the entrance to this secret spot requires a sherpa to lead you through the hotel kitchen, past the dishwashers, next to room service, and finally into a secret kitchen and chef’s table.

TV chef secret restaurant


It’s here that Chef Corbin Tomaszeski (Restaurant Makeover, Dinner Party Wars) has created for himself an escape from the spotlight; an intimate kitchen retreat to contrast the big banquets and catering jobs which otherwise occupy his time.

It’s the only restaurant of its kind among Westin Hotels around the world and its creation was driven entirely by Tomaszeski who had the kitchen built to feel like you’re a guest in his home. It’s like the antithesis of typical hotel dining.

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Here, multi-course menus reflect the seasons and are tailored to guests preferences. In the peak of spring, Chef is cooking with fiddleheads, ramps, spring lamb, and foie gras. It’s local and luxe all the way.

Service is refined but also very relaxed. Chef will sip wine along with his guests as he describes the soup course and garnishes the entrees.

The exclusive experience is available for groups of five to 14. Dinner starts at $100 per person with a dedicated private chef (add $50 per person to have Chef Tomaszeski personally prepare and serve the meal himself), and optional wine pairings with each course for $150.


Address: The Westin Harbour Castle, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto

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