A TTC station is changing names and it's already causing confusion

May 15 2023, 8:58 pm

Although there’s still no concrete opening date for when the delay-stricken and long-overdue Eglinton Crosstown LRT will finally be in service, signs of its impending completionĀ continue to slowly trickle in.

One of the changes the long-awaited Crosstown line is introducing is the renaming of Eglinton West station to Cedervale, which will eventually serve as an interchange station once Line 5 finally opens up.

Commuters who regularly pass through Eglinton WestĀ should probably startĀ to get well-acquainted with the new name, because it looks like trains on Line 1 have already started to ditch its old title.

A Reddit userĀ recently shared a picture on boardĀ Line 1, which shows the stationĀ announcement reading “Cedarvale” instead of the traditional “Eglinton West.”

Some trains on Line 1 have also started to convert the LED lights on Eglinton and Eglinton West stations to yellow, indicating that they will eventually serve as interchange stations.

“Of course, this is going to confuse the crap out of longtime riders who expect it to be called Eglinton West and newer seat folks who assume Eglinton (West) will remain being called Eglinton,” one person responded to the Reddit thread.

“This is from a Line 1 train. And yes, some trains have the name change…and some don’t. Totally confusing right?” another user wrote.

“I guess we’ll get used to the new station names but some of them are not particularly intuitive,” one comment noted.

Back in 2015, then-city councillor and TTC board member Joe Mihevc requested feedback in his ward for new station name preferences at Eglinton West.Ā Cedarvale managed toĀ beatĀ out the runner-up, Allen Rd., by just one supporter.

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